What Is Daniel Day-Lewis' Net Worth?

Daniel Day-Lewis in Phantom Thread (photo Focus Features)

He's one of the most acclaimed actors of all time, but what is Daniel Day-Lewis' estimated net worth? Despite a relatively small number of credits compared to some of his contemporaries, it's the sheer quality of Daniel Day-Lewis' work that defines his filmography. Day-Lewis is renowned for his all-encompassing method acting, where he practically transforms into his character for the duration of the shoot. The results speak for themselves, especially when it comes to his exceptional work in projects like There Will Be Blood and In The Name Of The Father.

The intensity of his commitment is also the reason he tended to take long gaps between movies. He semi-retired from performing following dark drama The Boxer in 1997 and went to Italy to become a cobbler for a few years. Martin Scorcese was able to coax him back for period drama The Gangs Of New York, which also starred Leonardo DiCaprio (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) and Cameron Diaz.

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His talent naturally made him highly sought after by filmmakers, but while he was reportedly pursued for blockbusters like Terminator Salvation and Man Of Steel, he only accepted roles if the project spoke to him. The Richest estimates Daniel Day-Lewis' net worth to be upwards of $50 million. Day-Lewis is said to have earned up to $8 million from certain movie projects, but again, he turned down a lot of work that didn't appeal to him.

Daniel day Lewis Father

He was reportedly offered the title role in Batman Forever after Michael Keaton passed, and as delightful as the sight of Daniel Day-Lewis in a batsuit would have been, it didn't come to pass. Sadly, it seems audiences won't ever see another Day-Lewis performance on the big screen, with the actor announcing his retirement following the completion of Phantom Thread in 2017. The movie reunited him with director Paul Thomas Anderson, and it featured another fine turn from the performer. While he's threatened retirement in the past he seems intent on it this time, so while it's possible he could be lured out for another project in the future, audiences shouldn't hold their breath.

Daniel Day-Lewis' spot in cinema history is assured, however. He's been nominated for six Academy Awards and won three, for Lincoln, There Will Be Blood, and My Left Foot. He's a performer who took his craft seriously and amassed an amazing body of work. Even in flawed movies like Nine or bizarre dentist comedy Eversmile, New Jersey, he was typically fantastic.

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