Daniel Craig Still Considering James Bond Franchise Return?

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Since his appointment as James Bond back in 2005, Daniel Craig’s turn as the iconic secret agent has been full of ups and downs. From the initial controversy of being a blonde haired Bond, to the phenomenal success of films like Casino Royale and Skyfall all the way down to his recent, if not somewhat flippant remarks about actually playing 007, there’s no doubt that Craig’s time in Bond’s shoes has gotten people’s attention.

While the attention cast on Daniel Craig hasn’t always been positive, it has proven that despite talk of other spy/thriller franchises like Mission: Impossible or Jason Bourne being superior, audiences are still very interested in what James Bond does - and perhaps even more so in who James Bond actually is.

After having publicly derided the idea of doing another 007 in the foreseeable future, the internet was briefly abuzz with word that Craig had in fact, turned down a £68 million ($99 million) offer to star in two more Bond films. That news is now being questioned however, as the BBC have just reported that Craig has not made any definitive decision on the matter.

Citing “authoritative Bond sources,” the BBC confirmed the news that not only has Daniel Craig not made the decision to return as Bond, but that “no decision is likely to be made for a while.” To date, Craig has starred in four James Bond films and held the role for 11 years. There’s been a recent deluge of rumors regarding who will take on the role next; particularly involving Tom Hiddleston (Thor: The Dark World) as well as an ongoing and persistent fan campaign to see Idris Elba (Luther) awarded the part. No solid evidence of any serious moves in the franchise have cropped up, however – that is until today, when the initial rumors insisted that Craig’s departure was imminent.

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Given Craig’s previous statement that the only reason he’d ever return to play James Bond would be for the money, it’s plausible he’s turned down MGM’s initial offer not out of disinterest, but as a bargaining strategy. MGM’s most recent offer is still much more than the reported £38 million ($55 million) that Craig’s been paid for his four outings as Bond to date, but if the actor is as disinterested in returning as he seems, it’s likely he’s after a much heftier sum.

As it stands, it appears James Bond fans have a lot of waiting to do before either the role of 007 is confirmed or another film surfaces. MGM’s current cycle is three to four years, meaning that at best, fans can hope to see James Bond back in action again by late 2018.

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Source: BBC

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