Daniel Craig Says Bond 23 To Start Shooting Late 2010

Yesterday, a snippet of info from James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, made its way online about the upcoming sequel to Quantum of Solace, referred to as simply Bond 23 for the time being. A Bond fansite called picked up on the info which came from when Craig was signing autographs after a performance of his stage play, A Steady Rain, with Hugh Jackman.

When I said a snippet of info, I meant exactly that. According to a quick comment Craig gave to a fan, Bond 23 will, "start at the end of the next year." That's it. He was really busy signing autographs to elaborate and the play he'd just done was probably at the forefront of his mind more than Bond was. Just in case you think he's been misquoted, there's an actual video on YouTube of it and we've included it in the post for you (Craig says it just before the 1:00 mark):


If anyone other than the producer or studio would have an idea when the next Bond flick was going into production, it would be Bond himself. But keep in mind, this isn't totally official - it's just Craig saying it. For all we know that's just what he's hoping for, and a late 2010 start date is way off in reality. Who knows.

I just hope that whenever another Bond film gets made that they improve on the last one, Quantum of Solace. With Casino Royale, they did a pretty fantastic job, bringing us a Bond who really took care of business in a no-messin', no-gadget way. QoS, however, was a disappointment (albeit still entertaining IMHO), with its lacking storyline and shaky-cam action (amongst other things).

Nonetheless, I'm really looking forward to the next one. And what I'm probably most looking forward to seeing is who they get to play the next Bond villain (another weakness of QoS was the bland villain). As far as actors go, I'd like to throw Michael Emerson's (a.k.a Benjamin Linus from Lost) name in there. I know it wouldn't be a huge leap for him, but I could really see him as one of those hyper-intelligent villains.

Do you think Bond 23 will start shooting at the end of next year as Craig says? Or is it just talk? And which actor would you like to see play the next Bond villain?

As stated, according Craig, Bond 23 starts shooting at the end of 2010 - we'll keep you posted on the validity of that statement. It currently has no official release date, but has a tentative release date of sometime in 2011.

Sources: (thanks to ComingSoon) and YouTube

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