'True Blood' Anoints Daniel Buran The Head Werewolf

HBO adds cast to seaon four of True Blood

As the fourth season of HBO’s hit series readies, the True Blood cast continues to grow with the announcement that Daniel Buran (Southland, Criminal Minds) will play the part of Alcide’s new master.

Werewolves were a big part of True Blood’s third season. The beasts had been hinted at frequently before their auspicious debut, but as this is an Alan Ball show we are talking about, their ability to induce fear was mostly overshadowed by the constant reminder that those pesky lycanthropes – like everyone else on the show - are in way better shape than the majority of the earth’s population.

Nevertheless, Alcide (Joe Manganiello)—Eric Northman’s personal werewolf—was a hit with those slovenly fans, and Ms. Sookie Stackhouse, too. But as nothing stays on a good path for too long in True Blood, Alcide’s masterless days are about to come to a close. Enter Raoul, the packmaster of Shreveport who, like most supernatural southerners, seemingly has an agenda in mind for the fair residents of Bon Temps.

Buran has signed on to appear in at least seven episodes of the upcoming season. While much of what drives Raoul has yet to be revealed, many might already be wondering how he’s going to attempt to capture the heart of Anna Paquin’s Sookie, as nearly every other True Blood character seems to favor the lovely light emitting Stackhouse. In a refreshing twist however, it seems Raoul’s focus will be elsewhere, freeing up Bill, Eric and now Alcide to fawn over her.

As we’ve seen very little from Buran, this seven-episode arc will be a true test of his performing prowess. Not only will he be comparing acting chops against more established actors like Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard, but he’ll be taking on a physically demanding role as well. As I’m sure many viewers recall, Alcide spent the majority of the third season walking around as if a shirt was a foreign concept and looking like he could throw a Volkswagen a whole half-block. I’m not sure who this Raoul thinks he is, but he’d be well advised to pack some chew toys if he plans on keeping Alcide in check.

Expect more True Blood news to start coming in frequently now that filming has gotten underway. We’ll keep you posted on all the happenings with the cast, and potential plot lines when they break.


True Blood Season 4 is scheduled to premiere June 12, on HBO.

Source: Deadline

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