Co-Writer Talks Bryan Cranston's Dangerous Book For Boys Project

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Things have been busy for Bryan Cranston ever since his landmark turn as Walter White on Breaking Bad came to an end. The actor has been lining up major projects ranging from comedy to serious drama to a turn as alien superhero-mentor Zordon in the Power Rangers movie. He's also expanding into work as a producer in his own right, through his TV production company Moon Shot, which aims to make its debut with a series based on the literary hit The Dangerous Book For Boys.

Now, co-writer Greg Mottola has offered new details on the series, currently in early development at Amazon Studios.

In a forthcoming interview with Screen Rant for his latest directorial effort, Keeping Up With The Joneses, Mottola was asked about his upcoming projects and offered these new details on how the series came together and where development now stands:

[Bryan] started his TV production company Moon Shot after Breaking Bad ended, and he had approached me about this book called The Dangerous Book For Boys. ... It was written by this English guy who was basically writing it for his three sons, who were growing up in a world of iPods and Gameboys and Xboxes; and he wanted them to get outside and “know the world” a bit because that’s the childhood he had.

So he wrote this book, kind of irreverent, of all the things that boys could get “into trouble” doing like building go-karts, the rules of poker, famous battles, all broken up into these short, very well-written chapters. And Bryan had to my surprise a way to turn this into a story, which is kind of new to me because it’s a family show but it’s made to work on two levels. Our mantra is “This needs to work for kids and adults at the same time,” not a cloying, annoying children's show that you'd want to turn off if you had kids.

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Published in 2007 by Conn and Hal Iggulden, The Dangerous Book For Boys was an immediate bestseller for HarperCollins and inspired a branded line of board games, activity sets, toolkits and even a chemistry set based on the games and themes described therein. A companion piece, The Daring Book For Girls, was also published shortly thereafter.

Cranston's take on the material is said to involve a trio of young boys attempting to navigate growing up without a father. The project was originally announced in 2014. A feature film based on the same material was at one point in the works at Disney, but the status of that project is unknown.

We’ll keep you updated on The Dangerous Book For Boys as more information becomes available.

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