Exclusive: How This Amazing Danger Girl Statue Was Made

Danger Girl Abbey Chase Statue

A new statue from Sideshow Collectibles celebrates the 20th anniversary of Danger Girl - one of the most influential comic books from the 1990's "good girl art" revival. Based on the original designs of artist J. Scott Campbell, the statute depicts Abbey Chase - the lead heroine of the series.

Standing over 20" tall, Abbey has never looked better. The statue shows Abbey in her trademark baby-tee and uniform pants, with a gun in her hand and a sarcastic smirk on her face. Clear-cast flames lick at her heels from the base bearing the classic Danger Girl logo. The statue will come in two editions - the standard Collector's Edition and a Premium Format figure, which will include a mini metal print displaying Campbell's original concept art for Abbey Chase, perfect for display alongside the statue.

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Sideshow Collectibles discussed the making of the statue with J. Scott Capmbell in a video interview, which can be viewed below. In it, Campbell also discusses the history of the Danger Girl concept and the future of the franchise.

The brainchild of Campbell and writer Andy Hartnell, the original Danger Girl comic books focused upon Abbey's adventures as the latest recruit for the world's only all-female espionage agency, Danger Girl Freelance Operations Limited. Led by the enigmatic Deuce, Abbey and her fellow Danger Girls would frequently find themselves thwarting the sinister schemes of the neo-Nazi terrorist group known as The Hammer Empire. The series was created both as a modern take on Charlie's Angels and a tribute to the action-adventure genre films both Campbell and Hartnell enjoyed, particularly the Indiana Jones and James Bond franchises.

Though Danger Girl only lasted seven issues in its original monthly comic book, the franchise has continued to live on through a series of regular specials and mini-series. Originally published through the Wildstorm imprint, the most recent Danger Girl comics were printed by IDW Publishing. The comics also inspired a video game for the PlayStation 2 console in the year 2000.

The last Danger Girl mini-series saw print in 2015, but the franchise is far from finished. Constantin Film - the production company behind the Resident Evil films - is currently developing a Danger Girl movie. The film's screenplay is being written by Umair Aleem - best known for his work on the scripts for the Bruce Willis film Extraction and the original thriller Kate, which was recently purchased for distribution by Netflix. Constantin Film is also producing a Danger Girl television series, which is being overseen by Hitman: Agent 47 producer Adrian Askarieh.

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Source: Sideshow Collectibles

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