Danger Girl Movie Adaptation Finds Its Writer

Danger Girl has found a writer in the form of Umair Aleem. Debuting in 1998, Danger Girl began life as a comic book from the minds of J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell. Primarily an action-orientated secret agent series, Danger Girl focuses on the adventures of Danger Girl Freelance Operations Limited, an all-female group of top end spies. Taking cues from Charlie's Angels and the James Bond franchise, Danger Girl has proved highly popular and is still releasing issues to this day, with numerous one-shot adventures and a 2000 PlayStation 2 video game fleshing out the franchise.

Talk of a Danger Girl movie adaptation first began to circulate in 2010 with director Todd Lincoln and Hitman: Agent 47 producer Adrian Askarieh both attached. News of Danger Girl's big screen debut went quiet until November of last year when it was announced that Constantin Film had acquired the rights to the property and were considering both a movie and a television adaptation in conjunction with Askarieh.

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Progress on Danger Girl is seemingly finally being made, as a writer has been announced for the project. As reported by THR, the Danger Girl script will be penned by Umair Aleem. Although an up and coming name in the movie business, Aleem has the 2005 Bruce Willis action adventure Extraction to his name and his thriller Kate was recently bought by Netflix.

Danger Girl 3 Cover

Given his relative inexperience, hiring Aleem does represent somewhat of a risk for Constantin, especially since the studio clearly sees franchise potential within Danger Girl. However, the writer has already proved himself capable within the action genre and with fresh names often comes a fresh approach, which could help Danger Girl stand out from the myriad of other spy thrillers out there.

Danger Girl is certainly arriving at the right time. The success of John Wick and Atomic Blonde has given the genre a new lease of life and although the adventures of Abbey Chase and co. are likely to be more light-hearted than those releases, there is certainly a hunger for well-made, yet straight-forward, action movies with genuinely interesting central characters.

There is also plenty of demand for female-fronted movies in the current cinematic climate. For years, the comic book and action movie landscapes have been largely male-dominated affairs but thanks to the efforts of Wonder Woman, the aforementioned Atomic Blonde and a general cultural shift in gender politics, fans are demanding a more equal level of representation and Batgirl, a Charlie's Angels reboot and Black Widow are all on their way as a result.

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Danger Girl is currently without a release date. More news as it arrives.

Source: THR

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