Wendy Williams Says Christie Brinkley Faked Shattered Arm to Get Daughter on DWTS

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams says Christie Brinkley faked her shattered arm to get her daughter on Dancing With The Stars. The two women were thought to be friends, but after these comments, fans are left to wonder.

Wendy Williams is at it once again with her out of this world theories, and this time it has to do with supermodel, Christie Brinkley. On Monday’s premiere of The Wendy Williams Show, the host told her audience the Brinkley had been replaced by her own daughter, Sailor Brinkley- Cook, after falling and breaking her arm during one of the last rehearsals. The morning show host aired the Good Morning America clip that they obtained of Brinkley falling, saying that the fall looked very fake. The video showed the supermodel tripping over her partner’s foot during a turn which caused her to fall to the ground.

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According to People, the host went on to tell her audience that what she believed was a set up to get Brinkley’s daughter Sailor on the show. She claimed that Dancing With The Stars probably called Brinkley and she accepted the honor, only to construct a plot to get her daughter on the show in her place. Williams strongly believed that Brinkley set it up for her daughter to dance on the show all along. Williams ended the segment by saying, “At least Christie, at 65, won’t have to be dancing around like that. Because you can look like a teenager on the outside, but it’s all 65 on the inside.”

Naturally, Brinkley denied Williams’ story, saying she was absolutely shocked and appalled at the accusation. The model went on to say that she has been there for Williams in the past, so she found it very weird that she would say such lies. Brinkley then burst into tears saying she would reach out to her friend and get to the bottom of it. Brinkley had made a joke before Williams' remarks, saying that being successful in show business is all about catching breaks, inferring that Sailor received her break due to Brinkley’s actual broken arm.

Williams has never had an issue voicing her opinion, and she did not hold back when it came to Sailor Brinkley-Cook, saying that no one who watches Dancing With The Stars will recognize her. The TV host agreed that Sailor is beautiful, but would not be as a big of a deal as having Kendall Jenner on the show. Williams aggressively said that it takes more than beauty to get a leg up in the world; it takes connections - and her mother has those.

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Source: People

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