Dance Dance Revolution Video Game Movie Is In Development

Dance Dance Revolution

A film adaptation of the popular video game Dance Dance Revolution is currently in development. The video game uses a platform with colored arrows that players must step on in accordance to what pops up on their television. The video game can be compared to Guitar Hero, only players mainly use their feet rather than their hands to simulate dancing.

The first Dance Dance Revolution game was released in Japan in 1998 before coming to North America in 1999. The game's developer, Konami Holdings Corporation, has released several different games in the series on consoles as well as arcade versions. Most versions of Dance Dance Revolution have a combination of original songs by Konami as well as popular songs that are well known in pop culture. The newest game in the series was released in 2016 and titled Dance Dance Revolution A, but it appears that the video game is making the jump to the big screen.

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As reported by VarietyDance Dance Revolution is getting a film adaptation thanks to the film company Stampede Ventures. It is also said that the movie will "explore a world on the brink of destruction where the only hope is to unite through the universal language of dance." J. Todd Harris and Marc Marcum from Brand Entertainment will act as the film's producers, with Stampede working closely with Konami to create the movie.


It's no secret that video game movies have had a rough history at the box office. Novels, comic books, and even board games have been successfully developed into incredible films, yet developers of video game movies often struggle when it comes to turning a profit and pleasing fans. Video game movies can sometimes do one or the other, but it's not very often that a film studio can make a video game movie that is both critically praised and earns a ton of money. That being said, there are some decent video game movies out there and even more game adaptions on the way.

Dance Dance Revolution is known for its originality and has become incredibly popular even after 20 years. After all, it's pretty uncommon to walk into a big arcade and not find at least one Dance Dance Revolution machine. Even though the games have become a global sensation, that doesn't mean that a movie will. While the idea of a Dance Dance Revolution movie seems questionable, there really isn't enough information to judge how the movie will perform just yet. Only time will tell if Dance Dance Revolution falls victim to the video game movie curse or if it will come out on top.

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Source: Variety

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