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Everyone knows the best way to sell the audience on the veracity of your own nonsense is to accompany it with a graph.  A graph demonstrates your authority, your intelligence, your organization, your analytical skills, and your mad Excel skillz; and most of the time, it need not pertain to the what's going on.

Case in point: Dan Meth, the creative visionary behind Toy Video, demonstrates his the authority and mad skillz with the latest installment in his Pop Culture Charts series, Futuristic Movie Timeline - an analysis of the year in which classic sci-fi movies take place and their year of release, all in chronological plot order.  Meth plots these films like some modern-day Nostradamus who sees the fate of humanity at 24 frames-per-second through a magic camera lens.

Take a look at the chart:


If fortune be told correctly, right about now we should be capable of a few things:  time travel, body snatching, mind transfer, and taking Mick Jagger seriously as some time traveling techno-genius pirate.  And the future has much to offer!  In the next decade we can expect to see the advent of time travel, the increased popularity of full-contact rollerskating, the mechanization of our police forces, and the reanimation of Sylvester Stallone.

However, what Meth chooses not to include are remakes of the originals, and we thank him for sparing us the embarrassment modern cinema has inflicted upon the past classics. You'll only find Planet of the Apes on there once, sans Marky Mark, and we'll never find out if Snake Plissken escapes from L.A., cuz that ain't on there either.  As well, the remake of Soylent Green in the works for 2012 hasn't made it on yet but we'll wait on that to pass judgment.

Regardless of how far or how quickly technology advances in the next decade, you'll have a hard time convincing me of Mick Jagger's technical prowess or sneaking human flesh into my diet. But one thing I'm sure of is Dan Meth's ability to paint a picture with a palette of irony and wit. Bravo.

Source: Dan Meth

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