Dan Harmon Searches For Meaning in Rick & Morty Featurette

Rick and Morty co-creator and showrunner Dan Harmon waxes poetic on the search for meaning in his very original animated series.

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Fans of the Adult Swim animated series Rick and Morty will be excited to hear series co-creator Dan Harmon talk at length on the search for meaning in the latest series featurette. Ever since season 3 premiered unannounced this past April Fools' Day, the wait for the rest of the 14-episode summer 2017 run has been at the center of intense anticipation from fans of the highly original comedy series.

Based in part on an original Back to the Future parody short film created by Justin Roiland, Harmon later joined to produce an original series for Adult Swim that eventually morphed into Rick and Morty. Praised for its quirky sense of humor, dark dramatic digressions, and surprising originality, the Roiland and Harmon co-production has become something of a pop cultural phenomenon -- and the latest featurette released ahead of season 3 includes Harmon waxing poetic on the program's interrogation of the search for meaning.

As any fan of Community knows, Dan Harmon is possessed by a decidedly anarchic creative bent that sees little overt meaning in a universe dictated by impassive fatalism. If there is a God in Harmon's view, then he or she doesn't care what happens to any individual person, rendering most people's incessant search for meaning in light of that fact -- including several of the characters featured on Rick and Morty -- meaningless, as seen in the footage featured above.

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Nevertheless, his disbelief in a benevolent higher power should not be seen as some awful end game in Harmon's opinion. Quite the opposite, the Rick and Morty showrunner earnestly believes that his sophomoric animated television series makes the case for grasping the existential meaning and spiritual wonders to be found in everyday interactions and instances of mundane trivialities.

While some might see Harmon as something of a disconnected malcontent in the above video featurette, fans of Rick and Morty are more likely to gravitate towards his outward pessimism with a sympathetic sense of camaraderie. Furthermore, hearing Harmon expound upon all of the various existential themes that he believes his latest work on Adult Swim explores in detail is a fascinating bit of footage that is sure to drum up interest for the show ahead of its season 3 return later this summer. On that note, here's to hoping for the very best from Harmon and Roiland as the season 3 return of Rick and Morty edges ever closer.

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