Dan Harmon & Mitch Hurwitz Combine Powers for New Project

Dan Harmon and Mitch Hurwitz Creating Project Together

Before Community's Dan Harmon held the throne as the embattled but revered comedy showrunner dujour, Arrested Development's Mitch Hurwitz occupied that seat from 2003 to 2006 - his show received acclaim from fans and critics and waning support from FOX before shuttering after only three seasons.

Naturally, Harmon's "reign" has been more eventful with behind-the-scenes kerfuffles leading to his eventual dismissal from Community prior to his unexpected return. Despite their failings, though, both Hurwitz and Harmon have shown that they have a cockroach's durability thanks to the shifting definition of success on network TV (you just watch Community eventually get a season 6 despite abysmal ratings) and new viewing options like Netflix. Now, the two are apparently working on... something together.

Details are thin about what that something is, but Harmon at least confirmed the existence of a mystery project while in Austin for SXSW and the premiere of Harmontown, an ostensibly unflinching documentary that details the period of depression and self-destruction that Harmon went through following his exit from Community.

Here's a bit from Harmon's interview with Rolling Stone about his developing project with Hurwitz:

"He and I have talked about doing a project together, so that every time I see him, I'm like, 'We weren't just drunk, we're really gonna do that?' And he's like, 'Yeah.' [...] I don't want to talk about it… Okay, it would embrace the emerging mediascape, and use us both in a way that we weren't compromising each other, but are still collaborating, and giving the audience a lot to digest. That's all I'll say."

You almost have to applaud the craftsmanship of that answer/non-answer, but while it's almost certainly going to be a while before we know anything concrete, we can at least look to Hurwitz and Harmon's recent shared history for proof that this is about more than mutual admiration and that the two can work together.

Over the last year, Harmon has appeared in a blink-and-you-miss it cameo in season 4 of Arrested Development, Hurwitz has appeared on the Harmontown podcast, and last week's episode of Community featured Hurwitz in a lengthy guest spot as Koogler, a perpetual collegiate party animal.

Dan Harmon

Working together and collaborating are a different thing, though, and while both Hurwitz and Harmon are not foreign to the idea of working with a creative partner or a batch of them, they are used to being the boss - and that could make things interesting inside the room.

That's not the real insurmountable obstacle, though. That comes when you look at the two men's busy schedules. If Community is renewed again, Harmon will most likely be tied to that while also shepherding Adult Swim's Rick and Morty, which recently earned a season 2 pick-up. 

As for Hurwitz, last we heard he was working on continuing Arrested Development, so this new project might take a while. One thing is clear, though - people will wait patiently and they will surely keep an eye on this developing dream team up for the potential hilarity that exists between Harmon and Hurwitz, all the while hoping that this doesn't just disappear into the haze of good intentions like so many similarly proposed projects.


Keep an eye on Screen Rant for any future updates about the Dan Harmon/Mitch Hurwitz Mystery Project.

Source: Rolling Stone

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