• Here's how comedy band The Dan Band connect some of Todd Phillips' biggest comedies. 1 / 8

    the dan band hangover old school vertical
  • Phillips' started his career directing major studio comedies before moving to dramas like War Dogs. 2 / 8

    Joker director Todd Phillips Vertical
  • His most recent movie Joker became the highest-grossing R-rated movie ever. 3 / 8

  • The Dan Band perform foul-mouthed cover versions of hit pop songs. 4 / 8

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  • They first appeared in 2003's Old School, performing a saucy rendition of "Total Eclipse Of The Heart." 5 / 8

    old school 2003 poster vertical
  • They sang "Feel Like Makin' Love" at a bat mitzvah during Starsky & Hutch. 6 / 8

    starsky and hutch poster vertical
  • Their crowning achievement is a cover of 50 Cent's "Candy Shop" in The Hangover. 7 / 8

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