Damon Lindelof Talks 'Lost' Finale Plus Cool Fan Artwork

Damon Lindelof Talks Lost Finale

Damon Lindelof,co-creator of Lost, is finally talking about the much-anticipated finale using more than 140 characters. The showrunner has kept his followers up to date through Twitter on the process of finishing the episode entitled "The End." But the anxiousness of hearing more about the last episode grows with every passing Tuesday, when the show airs new episodes at 9 pm on ABC. Lindelof spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the episode and what it hopes to accomplish.

The veil of secrecy surrounding Lost has been one of its most intriguing aspects. Obviously, in preparation for a finale of one of the more mysterious and mesmerizing shows in television history, the creators did everything in their power to maintain a level of suspense and uncertainty. But Lindelof speaks somewhat openly about the production, mentioning there will be plenty the viewers have never seen before.

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Full sets were constructed for the finale, which raises the question, what will they be leaving us with at the end? It's clear the show is going to maintain a level of surprise and send off viewers with something to ponder, rather than flat out open the flood gates on all its secrets.

"We did not shoot the final scene of the series on the final day because that would have been a very nice idea to do it that way, but for reasons for maintaining the secrecy of the show and burying it in the middle of the production schedule was part of it."

But that is just the beauty of Lost. Instead of creating a bookend of answers, they will leave you with more to think about for years to come. The show has been the source of endless message board debates and water cooler discussions from philosophy to "who-dun-its."

By constantly switching the method of how the show tells a story, from flashbacks to flash forwards to flash sideways, Lost always keeps viewers on their toes.

"We have long said that the biggest question that we owe in the end game of the show is the explanation for why we decided to do this in the final season of the show, and what the relationship between the two timelines are. And now the show has started to hint that there is a relationship as some of the characters in the sideways world are becoming aware of the fact that there is an island world or that they had these experiences on the island."

When you listen to Lindelof speak, relief should overwhelm you. Finally, a show creator understands how an audience thinks and creates a show with a structure that completely engages them. The questions answered within the show are specific to the character's needs, but they are written in a way that suggests the writers are speaking almost directly to the viewer.

Lindelof talks around the idea that every question will be answered and instead promotes the idea that fans should expect to get only a limited amount of what they want to know. This is the mystique of what keeps the show engaging.

If you are wondering if the finale will feel similar to The Sopranos, leaving you wanting so much more it becomes hard to handle, you can sit back and relax. Even Lindelof understands the relevance of that episode and was presented with the question of how it may relate considering the anticipation.

"What we're aiming for is to tell our story. 'The Sopranos' ending only would have worked for 'The Sopranos.' If we tried a stunt like cutting to black on our show...people would literally tar and feather us and deservedly so...What we are trying to do is end 'Lost' in a way that feels Lost-ian and fair and will generate a tremendous amount of theorizing...We're going to be as definitive as we can be and say this is our ending, but there's no way to end the show where the fans aren't going to say, 'What did they mean by this?' Which is why we're not going to explain it."

And not to worry, there will be no "Journey" songs playing in the finale, as Lindelof revealed. The co-creator smirked his way through the interview with the confidence of a man who knows he has something fantastic under lock and key. With a week off, the show has found more ways to keep fans itching for episodes.

Lost returns with new episodes Tuesday, May 4th and the two-part finale airs May 23rd. Only five hours remain, but I wouldn't be against a 121-hour movie where they just play Lost from beginning to end. Who's with me!?


Lost Fan Posters

In other news, the good men of /Film showed off an artist and Lost fan who created some very cool show-related artwork and there are 78 images for you to enjoy in total. Still hard at work, Gideon Slife is creating unique and flashy posters for each episode of the six-season show. So, keep checking his Flickr page for the latest. I've chosen my favorites and put them together above, but you can head over to his page and see the rest.

It feels reminiscent of minimalist art, like the kind we just made for the superhero genre, but with a little more use of the negative space. Each poster takes the important elements of the related episode in a look that seems perfect for your wallpaper. Below you'll find my personal favorite. Don't ask me why; it just is. Feel free to disagree.

Lost Deus Ex Machina artwork

Plenty of good stuff for the Lost-aholics out there in need of a daily fix, especially during the rare mid-season week without a new show. Next week's episode with have to be doubly as exciting considering the layoff.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter via Ain't It Cool News and /Film

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