Damon Lindelof & Carlton Cuse Discuss Life After 'Lost'

Almost a year ago fans began watching the final season of Lost.

As the story of Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, Kate and the rest of the island’s infamous inhabitants came to an end, executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse not only had to come to grips with moving on from one of the most popular series in recent television history, but they also had to deal with the mixed response from fans to the Lost series finale.

For Lindelof, he is now focused on developing feature films – specifically Star Trek 2. But that doesn’t mean he’s finally come to terms with Lost being over and the numerous complaints from fans about how they ended the series.

"Even the people who absolutely hated how we ended it still have the need to tell me this in a variety of creative ways eight months after the fact. I used to lose sleep over this, but I'm actually starting to embrace the fact that while their assessment of my talent (or lack thereof) sometimes hurts, it's nice to know that at least they cared enough about the show to reach out and tell me so. Repeatedly. OK, I'm still losing a little sleep over it."

Fortunately, those sleepless nights have allowed Lindelof to catch up on the many television series that he’s missed while working on Lost – not to mention taking in a Harry Potter film and apologizing to Lost fans about the series finale. Here are Lindelof’s viewing suggestions:

"I'd advise starting with Battlestar Galactica, moving on to Breaking Bad and ending with The Wire. I'm convinced the best way to watch a series is to just binge."

Considering Lost was known for its long, drawn out storylines and lengthy delays between seasons, it’s interesting that Lindelof suggests that “binging” is the best way to watch a television series. Perhaps all of this time has given the famed producer a new perspective on things.

Lost season 6 cast

As for Cuse, he recently published the experiences of his past year in The New York Times. While much of it revolves around Cuse trying to come to grips with Lost being over and trying to figure out what he’ll do next or if he’ll ever work in Hollywood again, he did provide an interesting anecdote about a fan interaction in Switzerland.

"Last summer I went hiking with my teenage daughter in the Swiss Alps… As I was drinking some water and taking in the awesome panorama, I noticed a hiker approaching… I thought he was going to warn us of some danger. Instead he walked up to me and in German-accented English asked, 'Are you Carlton Cuse, from ‘Lost’?' Startled, I answered, 'Yes.' Then he said, 'Why did you not explain the polar bear?' ... Even here in this remote spot I could not escape the last six years of my life."

We now know that Cuse has begun working on a Civil War project for ABC, Point of Honor. The genre transition was inspired by a visit Cuse paid to the Lincoln Memorial… plus the fact that there are no polar bears in the Civil War.

Even though Cuse’s introspective experiences rarely delve into any regrets he had with the series finale, it does provide a look into the mind of the man that captured our attention for six long years. Instead of focusing on the angry fans, he was more concerned with the prospect of going from an 80-hour work week on Lost to doing absolutely nothing.

Whether or not fans have finally come to terms with the finale that Lost presented to viewers around the world still remains to be seen. For Lindelof and Cuse, it appears that they’ve finally moved on – or are at least trying to do so.


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Source: TV Guide, The New York Times

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