'Damien' Trailer: The Sequel to 'The Omen' Comes to Television

Damien TV show gets a trailer

Horror is a big deal on television these days. From American Horror Story to The Walking Dead to The Strain, it seems everywhere you turn, there’s a network trying their hand at the genre on the small screen. And then, of course, there's also the rising trend of adapting movies into TV series.

At the moment, some biggest horror series based on pre-existing films include Bates Motel, Teen WolfHannibal and Scream. But later this year, another entry is going to join the pack - Damien, a sequel series to the classic film The Omen, which air alongside Bates on A&E.

Executive produced by former Walking Dead and Shield producer Glen Mazzara, the new series will pick-up 25 years after the events of the original film that see a 30-year-old Damien begin coming to terms with his true destiny as the one and only antichrist.

Said Mazzara, in an interview with THR, of how he came to be on the project:

Ross Fineman, an executive producer on the show, originally had the idea to base the series on 'The Omen.' Fox Television Studios approached me — and I have a deal with them— and they wanted me to supervise. I'm a huge horror fan and love 'The Omen,' and thought this sounded like fun and decided to write it. I ended up falling in love with the project and stayed on as showrunner. We've been very fortunate because we originally picked up straight-to-series for six episodes and A&E was so excited about the material they extended the order to 10.

Damien TV show gets a trailer

And as for the show’s “content,” Mazzara claimed:

I think 'Damien' is cutting-edge material. It's trying to push the boundaries as far as violence and horror go. There's a lot of really great drama on TV and that was not the case in 1976 when the film came out. So the bar is set so high given other great horror shows that are on TV. We have our work cut out for us; everybody is really interested in pushing the boundaries. I think we've got a few episodes that people are going to be talking about.

As a whole, the A&E mothership has had more hits than misses in the last few years with Bates on A&E, Vikings on History and UnREAL on Lifetime. So if Damien is going to be more of the scripted quality we’ve come to expect from the brand, there’s no reason not to be cautiously optimistic about the whole thing.

And that’s doubly true with someone like Glen Mazzara at the helm. He is responsible for the best run of episodes of The Walking Dead after all.

Damien is currently slated to premiere in Fall 2015 on A&E.

Source: THR

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