Gotham's Bruce Wayne Wants to Play Damian Wayne in the DCEU

Gotham star David Mazouz has thrown his hat into the ring to play Damian Wayne if the character ever makes it to the big screen in the DCEU.

Damian Wayne Son of Batman

As the world of DC movies branches off into various Joker spinoffs, Nightwing solo films, and a tentative Batman trilogy with Matt Reeves, fans are obviously asking which of their favorite Batman characters are coming to their screens and when. If Geoff Johns and co. need to find themselves a Damian Wayne, Gotham's David Mazouz is already putting his name forward.

The 16-year old is best-known for playing a young Bruce Wayne on Gotham since it started back in 2014, and although Season 4 will see the "The Batman" emerge, the show is still a long way off a fully-formed Dark Knight. So, if he can't play an adult Batman, how about his wayward son, and could the young actor be the perfect addition to the DCEU as Damian Wayne?

Taking to Twitter, Mazouz shared some fan art of him as Damian under the hashtag "davidfordamian," then asked his followers to retweet. It is safe to say that the reaction was largely positive and the RTs are climbing by the minute:

I mean if DCEU is casting... #davidfordamian RT if you promote

— David Mazouz (@realdavidmazouz) September 11, 2017

Going off his performance on Gotham, Mazouz certainly has the spirit to play the plucky offspring of the orphaned Mr. Wayne. Bruce's baby was first introduced in 1987's Batman: Son of the Demon, and the story was eventually established in official DC canon much later. Under the name Damian, the son of Bruce was properly reintroduced in 2006 as the lovechild of the Caped Crusader and Talia al Ghul. After being raised by the League of Assassins and harboring some serious daddy issues, Damian later bonded with his father and even became the fifth Robin.

Since then, Damian has become a staple of the comic book world, the DCAU, and even Rocksteady's Arkham Games. However, audiences are yet to see Damian don the mantle of the Boy Wonder in live-action and are impatient for his arrival to the DCEU. It seems that it will be a case of "when" and not "if" for Damian flying to the big screen, but it is unlikely that casting has got anywhere beyond a hypothetical so far.

Even if Damian becomes part of the DCEU one day, it is highly unlikely Mazouz would be the one to land the part. Warner Bros. is keeping their DC television shows separate from the movies, so they may want to avoid so closely associating the two. However, it'd be smart to never say never to the Gotham star. Given the response to his tweet, it looks like most fans would surely be impressed with him swapping the cape and cowl for something in red and yellow. Depending on what's in store for the DCEU, perhaps one day he'll get his shot.

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Source: Twitter

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