TNT's 'Dallas' Reboot Bringing Back Larry Hagman to Play J.R.

TNT has decided to reboot the popular 80s drama show 'Dallas' and Larry Hagman is in talks to reprise his iconic role of J.R. Ewing.

During the 80s Dallas dominated the airwaves for CBS as a show about a wealthy Texan family. Every week, millions of viewers would tune in to watch the sexual exploits and internal family power struggles of the Ewings. The show ran for thirteen seasons and was even listed in 2007 as one of Time Magazine’s “100 Best Shows of All-TIME”.

Combine the former popularity of Dallas with the current popularity television networks have of rebooting once popular TV shows – Knight Rider, Hawaii 5-0, Beverly Hills 90210, Charlie’s Angels, V, Bionic Woman – it’s no surprise to hear that TNT is planning to reboot Dallas as well.

Though it didn’t start off that way, the unscrupulous oil baron J.R. Ewing ultimately became the focus of Dallas as audiences found him to be more intriguing than the show’s original focus, J.R.'s brother Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Pam (Victoria Principal). Now Entertainment Weekly is reporting that J.R. himself, Larry Hagman, is in talks with TNT to reprise the role that made him famous.

It shouldn’t be too hard to reach a deal with Hagman since TNT has already confirmed that Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray – who played J.R.’s wife Sue Ellen Ewing – will return to the show as well. Although a pilot for the Dallas reboot has yet to begin production, writer Cynthia Cidre (The Mambo Kings) says the new show will focus on J.R. and Bobby Ewing’s sons, who have undoubtedly stepped in to fill their fathers’ personal and professional shoes.

Larry Hagman will reprise his role as J.R. Ewing on the Dallas reboot

The head of programming at TNT, Michael Wright, had this to say about the Dallas reboot:

“I don’t want to give away the plot, but [Cynthia] found something authentic to business and to Dallas that allows them to trade on the same dynamic of the super wealthy. Dallas was always something of an Upstairs Downstairs paradigm. If it wasn’t the rich and poor, it was attitude – entitlement versus a populist point of view. This covers all that.”

On an interesting side note, apparently 20th Century Fox tried unsuccessfully to make a big screen adaptation of Dallas in 2006. It was rumored to have John Travolta, Luke Wilson and Jennifer Lopez attached to star, but the project was abandoned after research indicated that younger audiences weren’t very interested in the Dallas brand.

There must be an army of pigs flying somewhere, because I never thought a studio would ever give up on the chance to make an old television show into a movie.

No word yet on when the Dallas reboot will hit airwaves.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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