Dallas & Robo: Watch An Exclusive Clip Of John Cena’s New YouTube Red Series

John Cena and Kat Dennings are set to make for one unique animated pairing in YouTube Red’s upcoming series Dallas & Robo. Since the successful launch of Cobra Kai, YouTube’s premium streaming service has been busy getting more original content set for subscribers. In the coming weeks, the service will premiere Impulse, a Jumper spinoff series of sorts from director Doug Liman, but it will also wade into the waters of adult-oriented animation with a wacky series about a space trucker and her hulking robotic friend. 

Dallas & Robo is the brainchild of Mike Roberts and concerns an interstellar big rig operator, Dallas (Dennings), and her mechanical co-pilot/BFF Robo (Cena), as they cruise the universe, contending with the likes of vicious space cannibals and rival truckers. And, as seen in this exclusive clip YouTube Red shared with Screen Rant, those space cannibals get what’s coming them in a decidedly TV-MA sequence. 

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As with other adult animated series, like Netflix’s BoJack Horseman or Big Mouth, Dallas & Robo's casting department has plenty of voice talent on speed dial. In the above clip, Carol, the cannibal initially tussling with Dallas before all hell breaks loose, is voiced by Jane Lynch. Other actors making their voices heard over the first eight-episode season include, Giancarlo Esposito, Taran Killam, and Clancy Brown. 

Dallas & Robo YouTube Red

Though the clip here doesn’t spell out what the larger story of Dallas & Robo actually is, it does a pretty good job of illustrating the irreverent and violent tone of the series. Robo makes short work of Carol’s cannibal cronies, punching the jaw off one before dispatching several more with a devastating Bart Simpson-like windmill attack and something that looks reminiscent of the wrestler’s finishing move. In the midst of all the carnage, Dallas & Robo demonstrates just what kind of relationship the two characters have, and it’s clear, despite their wildly different strengths, who has the upper hand (hint: it’s not the one who’s “not not a refrigerator”). 

In all, Dallas & Robo looks to be a fun and weird sci-fi series that somehow evokes both the relationship between Han Solo and Chewbacca while also deliberately calling attention to Spaceballs’ spoof of that dynamic with Lonestar and Barf. If anything, with all the jokes and the ultra-violence, Dallas & Robo might be more easily compared to TBS’ recent foray into sci-fi animation with Final Space. 

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All eight episodes of Dallas & Robo will be available to binge on May 30 on YouTube Red.

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