First 'Dallas' Preview: TNT Shows Off The Next Generation Of Ewings

dallas tnt 2012 title preview

TNT's Dallas is a done deal, and they want you to know about it. That's why they played a minute-long preview of the pilot an entire year before it's scheduled to air, during last night's premiere of The Closer.

The preview features nods to the original series, like helicopter shots of the titular city and the unmistakeable theme music. But easily the biggest draw for fans of the soap classic are the inclusion of three original cast members: Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray.

Joining them, and featuring heavily in the preview video, are newcomers Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe. They play J.R. Ewing's son John Ross and Bobby Ewing's adopted son Christopher, respectively - both rivals to the family fortune and status who will presumably drive the drama of the revived show. Both actors are veterans of ABC's 21st-century primetime soap, Desperate Housewives.

There are plenty of throwbacks to the Dallas of old for those looking: stand-offs over drilling rights in the country, bitter family squables, and iconic Southfork Ranch (the original house is still there - it's a now a conference center that bears the name of its fictional counterpart).

There's evidence of some modern influences, too. Jon Ross and Christopher argue over whether oil has a future, and the environmental and economical implications of the Ewings' black gold will surely recall the BP gulf spill and other oil disasters. Bobby Ewing seems ready to let the family's bitter past lie - if only elderly J.R. and the next genneration would do the same.

See the future of Dallas for yourself in the video below:

It's still remains to be seen if reviving Dallas was a good idea, but there's no denying that the classic intro, visuals, and music are a perfect throwback for older TV fans. With such a high-profile series making a fresh start on cable, you can bet that TNT will be promoting it heavily over the next year. Only time will tell if Dallas can match up to cable heavy-hitters like Burn Notice and TNT's own The Closer.


TNT returns to Dallas in summer 2012.

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Source: TV Guide

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