Dakota Fanning Confirmed For 'New Moon?'

There has been many-a-rumor about the sequels to the popular vampire film Twilight, but so far most of them haven't had any truth to them. Well it appears that one previous rumor has now reportedly been confirmed:

Dakota Fanning will star in The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Now let me just say straight away that this "confirmation" comes to us courtesy of a Twilight fan site called, who claim they got an e-mail from Summit Entertainment saying that Fanning is going to play the character of Jane in New Moon (see above header image).

Now as is always the better option for discussion's sake, for the time being let's take this confirmation as the truth - I am actually very pleased at this news. Not that I am a a die hard Twilight fan (although I really liked the movie) who knows exactly what the character is supposed to be, but Fanning has shown she is a very talented young actress (who's shown she can do more than just being cute with Push) and adding talent to you're movie (no matter if they have a different hair colour or shape of face - they can make anybody look like anybody nowadays) can only be a good thing.

As I said this may very well be untrue but there's nothing blatant to suggest so.

So is Fanning a good choice to play the character of Jane or should they have went for someone else? If so, who?

New Moon is scheduled to open in US theaters this year on November 29th and on November 27th in the UK.

Sources: Collider and

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