'The Daily Show with Trevor Noah' TV Spot: New Host, Same Chair

Jon Stewart's reign as the Daily Show host has reached its conclusion, so now Comedy Central is gearing up for the premiere of his replacement, Trevor Noah. A fresh TV spot for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah has been unveiled (see above), as part of the buildup to Noah's debut as the satirical news show's new ringmaster.

Right now, there’s little known about what, exactly, audiences can expect from The Daily Show's new host when he takes over. What is known is that all the senior writing staff and correspondents are going to be staying on despite the loss of Stewart so, hopefully, the transition into Noah’s voice is going to be a smooth and gradual one. Certainly Trevor will have points-of-view that differ from Jon, but the way in which those points-of-view are presented probably won’t be radically different right out of the gate (so as to give audiences time to get used to the new face on their screens).

Comedy Central has also revealed a new logo for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, which you can take a look at below:

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah logo

The biggest thing Comedy Central and Noah have to hope for is a willingness of their audience to let Trevor have time to experiment with what he wants his Daily Show to be. Many forget that Jon Stewart wasn’t Jon Stewart right out of the gate.

When the man initially took over in 1999, Stewart presented himself as much more of a “dude-bro” more interested in crass jokes than political satire. It really wasn’t until the country entered its post-9/11 era that Stewart dropped a lot of his earlier persona in order to make clear all the ways in which the government and media was failing its people. Hopefully, it won’t take something as radically tragic as that to push Noah into a similar mode of thinking after some time has passed at his new job.

Perhaps the best thing we can do right now is not look at Trevor Noah as a sequel to Jon Stewart, but rather as a brand new thing. No one could do what Jon did between 2000 – 2015, and Trevor would be naïve to try. What the South African comedian must do now is make the show his own, and that’s going to take time… time that we must afford him starting next month.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah premieres September 28th, 2015 on Comedy Central.

Source: Comedy Central

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