'The Daily Show': Jon Stewart's Final Guests Include Amy Schumer & Louis C.K.

Jon Stewart Daily Show program for veterans

Update: The final episode scheduled for August 6th will, in fact, be extended to a length of 50 minutes and bump The Nightly Show.

After sixteen and a half years as host of The Daily Show (one of the most biting and acclaimed comedy programs on television), Jon Stewart’s final days have finally arrived. Monday, August 3rd, 2015 will mark the beginning of his final four nights as host of the Comedy Central news satire program.

That being said, the famed comic doesn’t show any signs of going out quietly. During a recent broadcast from this past week, Stewart stated that of all the guests he’s had on the program, his favorites have always been his fellow comedian friends. So, it’s not surprising then that his final week is going to feature the talents of several such individuals.

Amy Schumer, Denis Leary and Louis C.K. are all lined up to appear on The Daily Show during Stewart's final week as host. More specifically, according to the show’s official website, Schumer’s appearance will take place on Monday, Leary’s on Tuesday and C.K. on Wednesday. There are no guest currently set for Stewart's final broadcast scheduled for Thursday, August 6th; mostly likely, that’s because the episode will feature a variety of cameo appearances, potentially from the likes of Stephen Colbert and Larry Wilmore (among other former talents from Daily Show history).

Another possibility is that Stewart will make his final guest his successor, Trevor Noah. Surely, in some way, the South African stand-up will be involved with the show during its final week, the question is in what capacity? Will he be a guest? Part of a bit? There are a variety of options, but surely Stewart plans to pay his respects to the newcomer the same way Craig Kilborn did back in December of 1998.

Jon Stewart's final Daily Show guests include Louis C.K.
'Louie' star Louis C.K. will be one of Jon Stewart's final 'Daily Show' guests

The most surprising thing, so far, about Stewart's final Daily Show broadcast is that Comedy Central has given no indication that it intends to run past its designated half-hour. One would imagine the network would want to capitalize on the event of Stewart’s final night as host by extending it to a full hour and bumping The Nightly Show and @Midnight (or removing Wilmore's show for the night). However, even if that option is on the table, it’s possible Stewart is resisting it as a sign of respect for Wilmore (whom he championed as Colbert’s replacement over the course of 2014).

Ultimately, we have a few days to kill before knowing just what the final Stewart episode of The Daily Show is going to include. The odds are good that whatever happens, it will be a great time for all who watch.

The Daily Show airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.

Source: The Daily Show

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