The Daily Show Posts Trump’s 87-Page Mueller Response

The Daily Show posts a comedic take on President Donald Trump's 87-page "response" to the upcoming report by special prosecutor Robert Mueller. In the last two years, the realm of politics and the realm of entertainment have become more and more intertwined, much to the chagrin of many that would prefer the two topics not intersect. While political scandals have long been a target for late night hosts, there is unquestionably more humor revolving around Washington D.C. on TV today than at any other time in history.

It's not hard to understand why though, when one considers who the president currently is. Donald Trump has spent the majority of his adult life in the public eye, first as a flashy New York City businessman, then as the host of hit reality TV show The Apprentice, and now as the leader of the free world. Trump in many ways still operates more like a tabloid celebrity than a politician, constantly targeting insults at his enemies on Twitter, and attempting to turn every major moment of his presidency into a televised spectacle, such as the Supreme Court nominations of Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

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For most of his time as president, Trump, members of his campaign, and members of his administration have been under investigation by Robert Mueller, a special prosecutor appointed following Trump's firing of FBI director James Comey under questionable circumstances. With the 2018 midterm elections now in the rearview mirror, reports suggest Mueller's team will soon release their full report concerning whether or not Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 election, and whether or not Trump obstructed justice over the course of the investigation. Recently, Trump took to Twitter to rail against the unreleased report, insisting that his legal team will prepare a rebuttal, and have already completed 87 pages worth of it. The Daily Show responded to that declaration by producing a comedic version of Trump's response to Mueller in the form of a Twitter thread, the first post of which can be seen below. Click the above link to see the whole thing.

As can be seen when viewing the full thread, The Daily Show's take on Trump's potential response to Mueller's report is simply 87 pages of screenshots from Fox News programs. Much of Trump's time at the White House day to day is famously spent watching the conservative cable news network, and there are multiple documented cases of the president tweeting out statements that echo those made by Fox News hosts just minutes earlier. It makes perfect sense that Trump might fall back on reporting he's seen on his favorite channel when trying to explain his defense to Mueller's probable claims.

Obviously, the above attempt by The Daily Show to spoof President Trump's response to Mueller is unlikely to find much appreciation from Trump supporters, or his Republican colleagues. That's to be expected though, as The Daily Show - even under prior long-serving host Jon Stewart - has never really attempted to hide its general bias toward liberal politics, a stance that has only gotten more clear since Trump took office during the Trevor Noah era.

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Source: The Daily Show

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