Disneyland Easter Egg Brings The Daily Bugle To The MCU

The Daily Bugle is an important part of the Spider-Man mythos, but so far it's been entirely absent from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That may have just changed, though, as an entertaining Disneyland Easter egg suggests the Bugle is indeed active in the MCU - and the quality of its reporting is hardly inspirational.

The MCU's version of Spider-Man is younger than ever before, and Marvel has gone to a great deal of effort to update the world he operates in for the present day. That's why Peter Parker's classmates are far more diverse than in the comics; today's New York embraces diversity in a way that was unimaginable back in 1963, when segregated drinking fountains were still commonplace. But one aspect of Spider-Man's world has so far gone completely unexplored in the MCU: the Daily Bugle newspaper.

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Spider-Man: Homecoming writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein considered updating the idea of the Daily Bugle for the twenty-first century, either by having Peter make money off of Spider-Man videos posted to his YouTube page (something teased in Captain America: Civil War), whole footage reportedly shown at an event in Tokyo also teased a more comic-book-accurate version of the Daily Bugle. In the end, the Daily Bugle was nowhere to be seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but now an entertaining Easter egg has been spotted at Disneyland, suggesting the paper does indeed exist in the MCU after all.

The Daily Bugle Reported on the Events of Avengers: Infinity War

One Redditor snapped this tremendous Easter egg while on a visit to Disneyland, and it shows how the Daily Bugle covered the events of Avengers: Infinity War. The headline covers the battle between the Black Order and Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange, but given the skeptical one-liner, it looks as though the Bugle's editor (presumably J. Jonah Jameson) doesn't believe it really happened. There's a certain humor in the fact that the Bugle made a pun using the letter "O" to describe the alien spacecraft, which is actually known as a Q-Ship. The Bugle's error is understandable, but it does rather make a mockery of the paper's claim to be "New York's finest daily newspaper."

Above the headline, there are references to three other major stories covered by the Daily Bugle; interestingly, all three are related to Wakanda. The end of Black Panther saw T'Challa bring an end to Wakanda's isolationist ways, but it looks as though, by the time of Avengers: Infinity War, the world is only just beginning to work out what that means. Notice that one of the articles is devoted to Shuri, suggesting the MCU public is fascinated by T'Challa's genius sister.

The Redditor who spotted this described it as "arguably the best Easter egg [he'd] ever found at Disneyland." It's hard not to agree; if Marvel Studios choose to follow up on this by introducing J. Jonah Jameson and the Daily Bugle, then Spider-Man fans will be absolutely delighted.

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