Daft Punk Doing Musical Score for 'Tron Legacy'

Things are certainly steam rolling ahead with Tron Legacy: We've already got the cast (including the returning Jeff Bridges), we know it will be in 3D, the plot details have already been revealed and now we know who's scoring it:

None other than French electro duo Daft Punk.

This piece of news is both surprising and yet absolutely fitting. If someone were to ask me who should score the sequel to the cult '80s hit Tron, my first answer wouldn't be Daft Punk (I probably wouldn't even think about them at all). But it's kind of like the Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man thing - no one was saying his name when the question of who would play him was being asked, but as soon as his name was put forward there was a universal agreement from fans that he was perfect for the role.

The same goes for Daft Punk and Tron Legacy...

Just by looking at their music videos and, of course, listening to their music they absolutely fit the style of what Tron is supposed to be. I'm sure it won't be exactly like their individually released songs but at the same time the essence of what their sound is will most likely be kept in the score. And now that it's been said I can't think of anyone else who would be more suited to score this movie.

However in spite of my enthusiasm for them getting the gig, I am kind of pensive about the fact this is their first ever time scoring a movie. I mean they make catchy, infectious songs but will that translate into the form of a musical score for a feature film? I'm certainly willing to give them the benefit of the doubt but skepticism isn't completely off the table at this point.

Do you think Daft Punk is the right choice for Tron Legacy's music? Is their inexperience with scoring movies a problem?

Sources: /Film and UpcomingFilmScores

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