8 Empowering Quotes From Daenerys Targaryen (So You Can Live Like A Khaleesi Too)

When it comes to Game Of Thrones, Daenerys Targaryen has become a controversial character. Theories as to what she’ll do next and where she’ll end up are scattered on every end of the spectrum. She was most popular when the series first began but as time has gone on, people have begun to question her decisions; even going so far as to wonder if she’ll end up like her father, the Mad King.

But one thing that’s undeniable about Daenerys is that she’s fierce as hell, and if you need something to inspire you today, these quotes will do it.

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8 'I Will Take What Is Mine, With Fire And Blood'

It’s a simple quote, but it sums her up. As Daenerys comes into her own, she learns that asking for things kindly will not get her anywhere in this world. As far as she sees things, her father was murdered and her throne was taken away from her. She’s met too many awful people to think that being nice and polite will get her anywhere.

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And haven’t we all felt like that? That being nice is getting us nowhere, and we have a right to what’s ours? So in this sense, her determination to get to where she wants to be is pretty inspiring. Even if she maybe takes things a little too far.

7 'All Men Must Die, But We Are Not Men'

Missandei says all men must die, and she’s right. Unless you’re the real life Voldemort who can create Horcruxes, everyone has to die at some point; some later than others, everyone in different ways, but it’s a sad fact of life that everyone will eventually. And some people find that hard to face.

But Daenerys isn’t saying this in a way that suggests she can’t face death or she’s afraid. On the contrary, she has a steely look when she says it; implying that women are more capable than men. And when she said this, you best believe that every woman was punching the air for her.

6 'I’m Not Going To Stop The Wheel, I’m Going To Break The Wheel'


Daenerys has a pretty good point when she talks about the Iron Throne and the political game in Westeros using the analogy of a wheel. She points out that it spins and different families come out on top, and it’s true; one minute the Lannisters are winning, then the Baratheons, then the Starks, etc.

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If someone did end up on the Iron Throne at the end of the series, how would we even know that they’d definitely stay there?

But Daenerys’ confidence in saying she’s going to break the entire system suggests we’ll get a solid ending here. And we all know that sometimes systems need to be broken.

5 'Woman? Is That Meant To Insult Me?'

Daenerys Snow prisoner

“I would return the slap, if I took you for a man,” she continues. Ouch!

It’s a moment in the books where she shoots down sexism without a second of hesitation and then reverses it around on the man talking to her. Or the so-called man. He seems to have some issue of toxic masculinity, so she demeans him by quickly implying she doesn’t even think of him as a man; while reminding him that to call her a woman is not an insult.

Again, this was a moment where every woman was slow clapping in agreement.

4 'The Next Time You Raise A Hand To Me Will Be The Last Time You Have Hands'

When the series starts out, Daenerys is pretty meek and Viserys Targaryen is very domineering. He’s abusive to her, raising his hand to be physically cruel to her in the book as much as the show. But it doesn’t take Daenerys long enough to have enough of this. With Khal Drogo behind her and his loyalty giving her strength, she manages to tell Viserys that if he hits her again, she’ll have his hands cut off.

And it’s a threat she could follow through on.

Of course, she ends up doing much worse to him. But at least it’s deserved.

3 'I Am The Blood Of The Dragon. Do Not Presume To Teach Me Lessons'

Dany has no time for your mansplaining.

Yet another situation women sometimes find themselves in, when a man is explaining something to them that they don’t need to hear; that they already know about. Sure, sometimes it’s unintentional, but it can get irritating, and Dany shooting down this instance was gold. She’s quick to remind them that she’s born from a line of dragon blood, that she’s a very important Targaryen, and that she knows what she’s doing.

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She’s also willing to take advice and listen when she actually needs it, so it’s not a pride issue.

2 'If I Look Back, I Am Lost'

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

Another book quote; short, but poignant. Daenerys has gone through a lot in the series, and she has to remind herself to just keep going. We can only imagine how it is to have suffered as much tragedy as her, and the sheer strength in this quote is enough to inspire anyone. Despite what she’s gone through, she takes a deep breath, puts one foot in front of the other, and keeps going.

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Even if you don’t approve of her decisions, you have to admire the strength if nothing else that surrounds these words. She’s one of the strongest characters in the series.

1 'I Swear To You, That Those Who Would Harm You Will Die Screaming'

Daenerys may make questionable decisions at times, but she’s very loyal to those she loves. She was loyal to Drogo and when she gives her word to someone, she tries to keep it. She’s not as selfish as most of the characters in the series. Sure, she’s guarded and struggles to let people in, but once she does love someone, she loves them wholly.

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And she’s the same way with her people. She’d be a great queen to have and be loyal to because she’d return that loyalty. Assuming she doesn’t go full-blown Aerys before the end of season eight, of course...

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