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Daddy's Home

When it comes to the buddy comedy, few actors seem to have as natural of an ability for the genre as Will Ferrell does. Of his lengthy list of films to choose from, it’s arguable that Ferrell’s most successful work to date comes when he’s working alongside a partner. In the past, actor John C. Reilly has been a staple of Ferrell’s buddy comedy work and the upcoming Holmes and Watson will see Ferrell and Reilly team up for their third comedic outing together.

But while audiences always remember how well Ferrell and Reilly work together, it’s often easy to overlook the fact that Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg also make a pretty decent comedic team. With Wahlberg as the straight man and Ferrell the goof, the two have found success in 2010’s The Other Guys and more recently in 2015’s Daddy’s Home. There’s a definite chemistry between the two actors and given the box office success of Daddy’s Home, a sequel was imminent.

Now thanks to Deadline, we know that Daddy’s Home 2 will arrive in theaters on November 10th, 2017. The film will mark the third pairing of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg. At present Paramount has not supplied an official plot synopsis for the film, nor is there any confirmation of which cast members will be returning (beyond Ferrell and Wahlberg of course), but there has been a lot of talk as of late on the possibility of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow potentially joining the sequel.

Fans of the first Daddy’s Home will remember that the film had quite an obvious open ending, with WWE tough guy John Cena arriving as the father of Mark Wahlberg’s step-daughter. Wahlberg was then put in the exact same position as Ferrell had been throughout the film. While there has yet to be any talk of John Cena being involved in Daddy’s Home 2, the odds of the sequel picking up this thread from the first film seem like a logical starting point. As far as exactly what roles either Mel Gibson or John Lithgow could be playing, that appears to be anyone’s guess. Given both actors’ ages however, there’s always the possibility that they could be up for roles as grandfathers to Ferrell and Wahlberg’s children.

Daddy's Home 2 In Development

Paramount’s decision for a Daddy’s Home 2 is one of the more obvious sequels currently on its way in 2017. Hopefully the premise of the second film will differ substantially from the first, but the safe bet is that the overarching concept will remain pretty much exactly the same. Paramount knows that their previous effort worked, so some tweaking could provide big changes on the surface, with much of the same sort of humor at the film’s center.

For many fans of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, this is perfectly okay. As previously stated, the two actors work well together and any opportunity to see them onscreen, doing what they do best, is enough to bring in strong box office results. The first Daddy’s Home performed well during the difficult holiday season of 2015, meaning that there’s more than enough people out there who are ready and willing to fill theaters for a new Will Ferrell buddy comedy, this year.

Source: Deadline

Key Release Dates
  • Daddy's Home 2 (2017) release date: Nov 10, 2017
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