Stranger Things Star Posts (and Deletes) Cryptic Nightwing Tweet

Update: Nightwing director Chris McKay has since tweeted that the casting process has yet to begin, so what Montgomery meant by his now deleted tweet is still unclear. The rest of the story below remains in its original form.

Dacre Montgomery, the star of Power Rangers and season 2 of Stranger Things, has posted a cryptic Nightwing tease online. Warner Bros. is closing in on the launch of Justice League and they're hoping for the best. The studio has invested a good deal of time and money in building the DC Universe, and Justice League is positioned to only be the beginning should all things go according to plan. Outside of the team-up, one of several highly anticipated projects that has been gestating in development has been a solo movie for Dick Grayson.

The announcement that a Nightwing movie was on the way from The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay understandably drew a lot of excitement, but there has not been much of an update in the months that have followed, with McKay offering small tidbits here and there about the film's status.

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The Batman spinoff may be nearing a big announcement - or at the very least a bigger focus on its development - following McKay completely revamping his Twitter profile earlier today to highlight Nightwing. Grayson's film has not yet even been officially announced and McKay has explained why it wasn't included in the studio's SDCC rundown.

We may be nearing some sort of announcement regarding the film based on the director's Twitter, and it now appears possible Dacre Montgomery could be part of that. Out of the blue, Montgomery shared a super cryptic Nightwing tease - only to delete it a few minutes later:

Montgomery is having a great year so far following Power Rangers and Stranger Things, so it is no surprise that WB may be courting him for a superhero role. The tweet could mean a variety of things, but it is far from confirmation he has the part. The young actor could just be having fun with the fan community or starting a campaign to land the role; however, the fact that he was so quick to delete it could add credence to any of the possibilities. He could've deleted the post to signal it was a tease or it's a sign that he is somehow connected to the role/film and was instructed to take it down.

This is hardly the first instance of social media striking up speculation and rumors when it comes to DC either. Josh Gad teased a role as Penguin for a few weeks; Armie Hammer and others pointed to him playing Green Lantern; online sleuthing pointed to Rick Famuyiwa directing a DC film (and he was attached to Flashpoint for a bit); Joe Manganiello's activity pointed to his Deathstroke casting; and more recently Eiza Gonzalez has been connected to Gotham City Sirens. Each instance is unique and it hardly has a perfect track record, but every case has intriguing elements to it. With Montgomery taking down his tease and his quick rise, its not crazy to think DC may have interest.

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Nightwing is currently in development but does not have a release date.

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