15 D-List Actors Who Act Like They're A-Listers

It’s commonly said that actors have the biggest egos in show business. When you’re starring in the latest superhero movie or gunning down Tie Fighters, it’s easy to feel a little full of yourself. Acting can be difficult, whether it's as an action star or an Oscar winner and that hard work deserves the occasional pampering.

However, some performers remain absolutely clueless about their place in Hollywood. Whether their career flopped a long time ago or it still hasn’t taken off, the mere act of appearing in films is enough to send them over the edge and straight in to diva mode. There are actors who just won’t let go of the possibility that their big break is right around the corner. Similarly, there are actors who are famous for playing an iconic character and they refuse to let it go and try new things.

Though we can’t help but be charmed by some of their tenacity and colorful personalities, there are celebrities have committed some pretty horrendous crimes, thinking they have enough stardom to get away with it. Others are famously difficult to work with, despite not having the work ethic or catalogue of good performances to justify their wild demands.

Here are the 15 D-List Actors Who Pretend Like They’re A-Listers.

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15 Katherine Heigl

Best known for her leading roles in rom-coms like 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth, Katherine Heigl is now forced to partake in horrible thrillers such as Unforgettable and the animated sequel nobody asked for, The Nut Job 2: Nutty By Nature. Katherine Heigl was once one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses -- before her attitude became widespread knowledge.

After leaving the production of the widely adored success Knocked Up with nothing but negativity to say about the project and her role, Heigl reportedly began making movie star demands and asking for millions of dollars for shoots of only a few days.

What you may not now is that her personal manager and mother, Nancy Heigl, is reportedly just as high-strung and demanding. It wouldn't be surprising to find out that her mother is the one encouraging her difficult behaviour.

14 Rob Schneider

Rob Schneider just won’t go away. A mainstay supporting actor in the majority of Adam Sandler’s comedies, Sandler at least has the self-respect to deliver a good performance every now and then, most recently in Netflix’s The Meyerowitz Stories.

Unfortunately, Schneider is also self-centred and short-tempered. After receiving a scathing review for Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo from critic Patrick Goldstein, Schneider went out of his way to place an ad in the LA Times, calling Goldstein a “Third-Rate, Unfunny, and Pompous Reporter.”

Schneider uses his platform, however small, to voice his unpopular opinion against vaccinations. Aside from his personal views, Schneider currently stars in his semi-autobiographical sitcom, Real Rob.

13 Amanda Bynes

While we all loved Amanda Bynes' appearances in Hairspray and Easy A, they became a little harder to watch after she suffered from an emotional breakdown of sorts. This led to Bynes being charged with a DUI and she was caught burning things outside of a stranger's house.

Everyone makes mistakes and her resulting rehabilitation seems to have gone smoothly. The actress recently announced a desire to return to television acting. However, after dropping out of the public eye for eight years, do we really need more Amanda Bynes performances?

There is also the worrisome issue that her return to acting would likely mean her return to Twitter. In 2014, Bynes tweeted “it goes against my religion to follow an ugly person.” While it would probably be in Bynes' best interests to stay out of the spotlight, she unfortunately can't seem to stay away.

12 Charlie Sheen

Debatably Hollywood’s most unpredictable actor, Charlie Sheen is a ticking time bomb that goes off whenever he feels like it. He claims he’s constantly “winning”, but after being fired from Two and a Half Men, we’re inclined to think the opposite.

Once the promising star of war films like Red Dawn and Platoon, Sheen has now been relegated to extended guest spots as himself. Sheen's most memorable movie roles of late were his appearances in Scary Movie 3 and 4.

Even worse than his tiring cameos, his latest film, 9/11, failed spectacularly at telling the story of the 2001 tragedy. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Sheen said "I saw it as an opportunity to do something dramatic, something I had not done in a long time."

11 Lindsay Lohan

Once known as our favourite mean girl, Lindsay Lohan has come a long way since her days as an adorable Disney star. Now with multiple DUIs and misdemeanours to her name, Lohan has been in and out of rehab for years.

Her last film was the Kickstarter-funded The Canyons, which received scathing reviews from critics. There were also reports of an on-set conflict between Lohan and the movie's director, Paul Schrader. Had the film been released at a better point in her career, perhaps we could forgive her for being a bit of a diva, but not when this is her first legitimate project in several years.

Lohan was on the cusp of falling back into obscurity before her recent campaigning for the role of Batgirl. There are also reports that she’s designing an island in Dubai.

10 John Travolta

Arguably the second-most famous Scientologist after Tom Cruise, John Travolta’s career has been a whirlwind of peaks and canyons. Ever since his musical performance in hits like Grease and Saturday Night Fever, the public seems to have realized that, without the power of those hypnotizing hips, his charisma drops like a lead balloon.

Quentin Tarantino’s attempts to revitalie the actor with Pulp Fiction were well-received, and his career seemed to be on the up after a promising turn in The Thin Red Line. However, promises of a return to stardom were cut short by the abysmal Battlefield Earth. The movie is frequently cited as one of the worst science-fiction films of all time.

The actor is now famous for his embarrassing appearances at the Academy Awards. Whether mispronouncing Idina Menzel’s name or creeping on Scarlett Johansson, we can’t help but cringe at Travolta’s attempts to stay relevant.

9 Eric Roberts

The Dark Knight. Inherent Vice. The Expendables. At a cursory glance, Eric Roberts could appear to be one of Hollywood’s most profitable action stars. However, look closer, and it becomes obvious that he just doesn’t know how to say no.

Appearing in over four hundred different projects to date, both on the big and small screens, Roberts is about as prolific as Samuel L. Jackson - though nowhere near as charismatic. Roberts' most well-known appearance was as Sal Maroni in The Dark Knight, yet nothing since has quite lived up to that level of prestige.

It’s one thing being second fiddle to his sister, Julia Roberts, but he has now been outgunned by his own daughter, Emma Roberts. She has become an easily recognizable face thanks to her performances in We're the Millers and American Horror Story.

8 Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton's role as Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation is the actor's most well-known performance. Since then, he has cultivated the persona of the self-appointed ultimate geek.

If his frequent appearances on The Big Bang Theory weren’t enough, Wheaton’s endless catalogue of web shows and cartoon voice acting make it almost impossible to enjoy anything nerdy without Wheaton popping up somewhere in the credits.

His best work will always be in the classic Stephen King adaptation Stand By Me. While Wheaton does make frequent donations to charitable organizations, but it would be nice if he stuck with that and the occasional comic con appearance, rather than continuously trying to build up his geek cred.

7 Tara Reid

Tara Reid and Ian Ziering in Sharknado 5 Global Swarming

One of only two stars who have featured in every single Sharknado , Tara Reid used to be known as a promising up and comer, with movies like The Big Lebowski and American Pie under her belt.

Now a frequent feature in gossip mags, Reid’s shady relationships have been more publicized than her performances. After her agents lied about the legality of two of her marriages, 2016 saw her attempt to take part in the reality show Marriage Boot Camp. Unfortunately, it was revealed, once again, that she and her partner, Dean May, weren’t actually in a relationship.

Her role in the first Sharknado is fair play, but if you’re at a point in your career where you need to star in the subsequent four sequels, you might be in trouble.

6 Tommy Wiseau

The most mysterious man in Hollywood, Wiseau somehow produced a whopping $6 million out of thin air to direct, produce, write, and star in the bizarre and hilarious mess that is, The Room. Initially a complete failure, it’s now known around the globe as "the world’s best worst movie."

Thanks to James Franco’s The Disaster Artist, Wiseau’s signature stringy, black hair and dark sunglasses seem to be experiencing a renaissance of sorts. Franco has been bringing Wiseau along to appear on talk shows and awards ceremonies, where Wiseau acts exactly like the star he thinks he is. He was last seen trying and failing to take the mic at the Golden Globes.

We can’t wait for the long-awaited follow-up to The Room, which will feature Wiseau and his collaborator and best friend, Greg Sestero. The movie, hilariously titled Best F(r)iends, is currently slated for a March 2018 release date.

5 Jean-Claude Van Damme

We all remember Van Damme’s famous splits from his martial arts days. The ability to spread your legs to a flat 180 degrees is impressive, but the novelty sort of wore off by the time Van Damme was using his circus trick to promote Volvo.

It also doesn't help that actors like Channing Tatum and Hugh Bonneville have parodied the stunt, in movies like 22 Jump Street and Paddington 2, respectively. The once formidable action star is now the subject of ridicule. Neither does it help that he keeps appearing in terrible kickboxing movies.

His last successful roles were as a supporting character in Kung Fu Panda 2 and 3, as well as playing the villain in The Expendables 2. His upcoming film with Dolph Lundgren, Black Water, is enticing, but only because Lundgren’s own D-List status is about to be boosted by his appearance in Creed 2.

4 Mr. T

The A-Team wouldn’t have been as iconic without Mr. T’s turn as BA Baracus; the burly, loudmouthed mechanic who could “fix anything but dinner.” Mr. T will forever be known as the chain-wearing, mohawk-sporting pitier of fools, as he's embraced his character’s persona on and off the screen.

Between The A-Team and his role as Clubber Lang in Rocky III, it became clear that his schtick could only stretch so far. Even his work as Earl Devereaux in the animated movie Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs was more of the same.

We’d be willing to forgive Mr. T were it not for his shameless attempts to capitalize on his long-buried stardom. He tried to cash in on his persona again recently, with his short-lived reality show I Pity the Fool. Unsurprisingly, it was canceled after six episodes.

3 Steven Seagal

The master of direct-to-video martial arts movies, Steven Seagal is a black belt in akido and the first white person to ever operate their own dojo in Japan. A combat master, proficient guitarist, and prolific activist, Seagal seems to have everything it takes to be a movie star – except for the acting part.

Now sporting a goatee and orange sunglasses, the actor keeps making films that nobody watches. The actor's days of Under Siege and Marked for Death are long behind him. After he hosted Saturday Night Live back in the '90s, the show's producer said that Seagal was the "worst host ever." He has since been banned from reappearing on the sketch comedy show.

Surprisingly, and scarily, Seagal is actually great friends with Russian President Vladimir Putin, naming him “one of the great living world leaders.”

2 Daniel Baldwin

While none of the Baldwin brothers have had as illustrious a career as Alec, they have all dipped their toes in the acting pool. However, the case of Daniel Baldwin is unique, as his illegal antics range from hilarious to creepy.

Struggling with cocaine addiction since 1989, the actor was found in New York’s Plaza Hotel naked and shouting “Baldwin!” at the top of his lungs in 1998. In and out of rehab since, Baldwin has been arrested twice for driving under the influence and stealing his friend’s car, somehow maintaining an acting career throughout.

According to his IMDb page, the actor had five credited appearances in 2017 alone. Perhaps it's time for Daniel Baldwin to focus his attention elsewhere, as he may have been barking up the wrong tree all along.

1 Neil Breen

The undisputed king of modern B-movies, and the ultimate successor to Tommy Wiseau, Neil Breen is an ex-real estate agent turned self-proclaimed messiah figure. Breen gained recognition after his first independent feature, Double Down, was added to Netflix.

Known for incompetent direction and incomprehensible plots about terrorists, spies, and magic, Breen has developed a cult following thanks to his awkward theatrics and misguided sense of stardom. The fact that he directs, writes, produces, and stars in all of his films only helps add fuel to his deluded auteur persona.

Breen is currently promoting a Go Fund Me campaign for his next film, Twisted. The filmmaker has promised that his upcoming project will be stylistically different from his previous work, as it will be shot exclusively at night.


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