'CZ12' Trailer: Jackie Chan's New Action Movie is Packed with Fighting & Stunts

Jackie Chan is back once more as Asian Hawk, the adventurer and mercenary who first appeared in the 1986 movie Armor of God and who now returns to help track down twelve bronze animal heads that were looted from the Old Summer Palace in 1880. The third movie featuring Asian Hawk is called CZ12 (also known as Chinese Zodiac), and is heading for a US release later this month.

Based on what we see in the new trailer for CZ12, it looks like the owners of the statues aren't inclined to just hand them over with a smile and an apology. This a trailer driven almost entirely by action sequences, including one in which Chan goes down a hill and fights bad guys whilst wearing a roller suit.

The few snippets of dialogue include some Cantonese towards to the end that unfortunately isn't subtitled, and the start of what looks like an epic battle sequence between Chan and Alaa Safi, in which Safi's character promises to kick Asian Hawk's ass without leaving the couch he's sitting on. There's also some basic set-up for the plot involving the bronze heads, but it looks like CZ12 is mainly going to be about having fun - at all kinds of altitudes.

Jackie Chan in the poster for 'CZ12'

Despite Chan saying last year that he plans to retire from action movies altogether, he still looks to be in pretty good form in this trailer and he's already got more action roles lined up. He will be playing one of the leads in an action-comedy called Skiptrace, and this year can also be seen in Police Story 2013, the latest installment in the Police Story series.

CZ12 also co-stars French actor Laura Wiessbecker and South Korean star Kwon Sang-ho as a Parisian lady and a student who aid Asian Hawk in tracking down the artifacts, and was directed by Chan himself based on a script that he co-wrote with Frankie Chan, Edward Tang and Stanley Tong. Let us know in the comments if the stunts in this trailer are enough to get you in theaters when CZ12 is released.


CZ12 is out in US theaters on October 18th, 2013.

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