Justice League: 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Cyborg

The DC Comics character Cyborg, aka Victor Stone, has finally made his live-action movie debut in Justice League. This now makes the character an official part of the DC movie universe.

Once a highly intelligent student, athlete, and star football player, the DCEU's Victor died in an explosion along with his mom. But Victor's father, Silas, a noted scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs, could not let his son remain dead. Instead, Silas used the technology from the Mother Box, along with his broad knowledge of nanotechnology and cybernetics, to rebuild his son into something better and stronger. Now, Victor is Cyborg, a being that is part human and part machine.

Although Justice League introduced Cyborg to a new generation of moviegoers, there is a lot that casual DC movie fans probably don't know about the character. For example, what is his history? Why does he struggle so much with being part human and part machine? When did he first appear in comics and what is his relation to the Justice League? What can we possibly expect from his story when he gets his first solo movie in 2020?

Here are 15 Things You Didn’t Know About Cyborg.

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15 He was created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez

DC Comics Presents #26

Cyborg is one of those characters created by famed DC Comics writer Marv Wolfman and acclaimed artist George Perez. His first appearance was part of a special insert in DC Comics Presents #26 in 1980. That title featured team-ups of superheroes, but it was the half-man and half-machine Cyborg who captured readers' interest.

His first origin story as Victor Stone has him as a test subject for his scientist parents' many experiments. These experiments made Victor super intelligent, but he rebelled against his family by embracing things they hated, such as athletics. Eventually, though, Victor became a cybernetic being, making him question what he really was: human or machine. This struggle led him to the Teen Titans, a group of super-powered teens that Victor could relate to.

14 He started with the Teen Titans

Teen Titans

In Victor's first origin story, he became ashamed of his cybernetic body after his transformation into Cyborg. Because he considered himself as a freak, he moved away from his family to the rough neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, where he eventually met Raven, another superpowered teen.

Raven invited Victor to join the brand new Teen Titans, a group of super-powered young people who all felt the same. Victor joined up and bonded with the team, becoming one of its founding members.

He remained with the Teen Titans through most of DC Comics' pre-Flashpoint time period and not only served as one of its members, but also as its technology expert as well. His special abilities gave him tools and resources that no one else had access to.

13 He was kidnapped by Batman

Justice League #33

In the DC Comics Rebirth "Metal" storyline, Victor had to face one of his friends as his enemies, or at least a different version of that friend. In that story arc, a Batman from an alternate dark multiverse is out for the blood of the Justice League of this universe.

Dark Batman tries to hack into Cyborg's systems to get information on his fellow superheroes. That hack forced Victor to confront the consciousness of the Mother Boxes, which told him that he must completely give himself over to them to defeat Batman and the dark multiverse. If Victor did that, though, he would completely lose himself to the machine.

Although tempted, Victor heard the voice of Raven's soul self, which brought him back from the brink. He only partially submitted himself; just enough to save his friends.

12 The first live-action Cyborg wasn't in Justice League

Cyborg on Smallville

Although Justice League marks the first live-action version of Cyborg to appear on film, he is not the first live-action version of Cyborg. In fact, Cyborg's live-action debut took place on Smallville. On that series, Victor was still half-human and half-machine, but he was instead taken by LuthorCorp, who experimented on him.

Portrayed by the late Lee Thompson Young, that version of Cyborg befriends the young Clark Kent, who vowed to help him. Viewers later learned that this version of the character was the sole survivor of a car accident that killed the rest of his family, after which a doctor took him in and began experimenting on him. This is a bit of a departure from the Cyborg origin story in the comic books.

11 His body was taken over by a sentient computer virus

Cyborg and Grid

During the "Trinity War" story arc in DC Comics, Cyborg faced one of his most challenging enemies: a sentient virus that took over his body. This virus, known as Grid, ripped all of Victor's cybernetics away from him to create an entirely new being; a robot determined to destroy the world.

Instead of remaining completely human, though, Victor chose to take on another cybernetic body and become Cyborg again to help the Justice League defeat Grid, as well as the Crime Syndicate that installed itself into his software. Victor's father, working with the Metal Men, helped to develop a slimmer and more human-seeming body for Victor that allowed him to take down Grid once and for all.

The active decision to become Cyborg again defined an important part of Victor's character.

10 He can create "boom tubes"

Cyborg Boom Tubes

Seen on screen in Justice League, where Steppenwolf uses them to track down and steal the Mother Boxes, boom tube technology allows Victor to transport himself, and others, to pretty much anywhere in the galaxy.

After Flashpoint, DC Comics introduced the New 52, which included an all-new version of Cyborg. In the new Cyborg origin story, Parademons invaded S.T.A.R. Labs shortly after Victor's conversion into a cybernetic being. His defense systems automatically reacted, though, and he destroyed the monsters, as well as part of the building. He argued with his father about what he became and ran from the lab shortly after that but jumped in to save a woman from Parademons on the street.

During that battle, he absorbed something from one of the Parademons: boom tube technology. This allowed him to immediately transport to another battle, where Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Flash, and Green Lantern fought Parademons.

9 He can reshape his body like a Transformer

Cyborg Teen Titans Go

Thanks to all of his upgrades and being part machine, Victor has so many tools, resources and weapons at his disposal that he really can do it all. That includes being able to shape shift into pretty much anything at will: he has the ability to alter his various mechanical body parts into a variety of figures.

That's right: Cyborg is also a Transformer. He can mimic almost any kind of vehicle, including cars, trucks, spaceships, tanks and more. Tis comes in handy when he needs to quickly transport the Justice League to a war zone, but also when he needs to use his imagination to get from point A to point B. It's also likely that being a spaceship comes in handy when his boom tube technology malfunctions.

8 He can breathe underwater

Cyborg underwater

Aquaman isn't the only member of the Justice League who can breathe underwater. Cyborg has that ability, too, thanks to an upgrade to Victor's original systems. Being part machine means that Cyborg can often undergo upgrades.

However, Victor didn't want the upgrade at first, perhaps worried that it would make him even less human because he would have to give up his only remaining lung. He saw the sacrifice as another part of his humanity going away, something he is fearful of losing. But after several members of the Justice League get captured and held at the bottom of the ocean, Victor agreed to the upgrade to save his friends.

Thanks to that decision, he teamed up with Mera and together, they saved the day.

7 Leader/founding member of the Justice League

Cyborg and Justice League

In the Justice League movie, Victor gets recruited by Batman and Wonder Woman to join the team. Due to his traumatic origins, he seems to be more of a follower than a leader. But in the comic books, Victor is not only a member of the Justice League, but one of its founders.

He's not just a follower; he's a leader, often taking over when the team needs someone in a leadership position. This is probably something fans will see in later films, as the character begins to develop. Victor will find the confidence that makes him a good leader - one that Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Flash will follow without question.

He is already a valued member of the team, so it's only a matter of time until we see him take on more leadership in future movies.

6 His parents used him as a test subject

Victor Stone becoming Cyborg

Victor's first origin story is not a happy one. Even as a child, he often found himself subjected to experiments at the hands of his scientist parents. These experiments were to give him a super brain, creating a kid who was far more intelligent than any other child around him.

This already led Victor to feeling isolated from his peers, which is probably why he rebelled and chose to not follow his parents' wishes in his pursuits. Victor then turned to football, becoming a star athlete. He knew it angered his parents, but at the same time, it was also something he enjoyed because it wasn't a part of him that was a result of the scientific experiments. Victor still retains his high IQ, though, as Cyborg.

5 He has an IQ of 170

Considering that Cyborg has all these tools, resources, and weapons at his disposal, one might not think that he really needs his brain for much. But even before he was Cyborg, Victor had a IQ of 170. This means that he can think a lot faster and is probably the smartest member of the Justice League. What's even more interesting, though, is that Victor's IQ came well before he was ever actually Cyborg.

In his first origin story, his scientist parents experimented on him, which resulted in him becoming so intelligent. But Victor rebelled against that intelligence and chose to focus his efforts on things that didn't require that kind of thinking, such as sports. But Victor excelled in sports, as well, even before he was a superhero.

4 Victor’s mother is (probably) dead

Elinore Stone

Although Justice League did offer an origin story for Cyborg, but only made passing mention of the fate of his mother. In the comics, Elinore Stone was a scientist who, along with Victor's father, often experimented on their son. However, there was one scene that got deleted in the film that might have shed more light on her history.

"There were some things that you’ll probably end up seeing later on, that didn’t make it into this version of the film," Cyborg actor Ray Fisher said to Gamespot. “There’s a scene with Victor Stone, when he still was Victor Stone, and his mother, that was really special to shoot."

Even in the comics, Elinore's status is somewhat of a mystery, although on an alternate version of Earth, she died in a S.T.A.R. Labs explosion. It's likely that a similar incident happened on Prime Earth, too.

3 His most used ability is his sonic cannon

Cyborg cannon

Cyborg has a lot of handy tools and resources at his command. He can immediately connect to anything electronic or technological and has constant access to the Internet, which allows him to hack machines and have immediate access to information about whatever he needs. He also has a lot of weapons in his arsenal, making him a supersoldier.

There is one weapon that he uses more than any other: his white sound blaster, or sonic cannon. This is a sound amplifier that Victor can adjust to stun his foes' ears and stop them in the tracks, as well as to concentrate blasts of sound to destroy barriers. He also has the ability to mimic sounds with the blaster. It's one of the most useful tools in his arsenal.

2 Victor’s teleporter often overloads

Cyborg boom tube malfunction

Victor's boom tubes are an important piece of his technology as they can help him teleport himself and others to anywhere he wishes to go. This means that he can teleport all over Earth, as well as all over the known universe. But what's most interesting about the boom tubes is that they have a flaw.

If Victor tries to transport too many people at one time, his systems can overload, leaving him virtually useless. Sometimes, teleporting too many people causes a major malfunction in his systems. This is why he sometimes just relies on his jump jets instead - a technology that his father installed to keep him from using his boom tubes so much. But those only allow him to jump great distances. When he needs to get to Apokolips from Earth, boom tubes are the only way.

1 Cyborg is Ray Fisher's first movie role

Ray Fisher as Cyborg

Most of the other faces in the Justice League movie are actors fans have seen many times before, but the face of Cyborg (or half-face, as it is) is completely new. Ray Fisher previously only had theater roles before being cast in one of the biggest movies of the year as one of the most iconic DC Comics characters of all time. He'll also get to play the character in a solo outing in 2020.

Fisher knew what he was getting into with Cyborg: he was a longtime fan of the character in the animated series and movies. He has even started the #BorgLife to show his enthusiasm for the character. Though Justice League reviews were middling, many critics favored Fisher's performance and spotlighted him as a rising star.


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