DC's Cyborg Movie Still Happening, May Use Scrapped Justice League Story

Actor Joe Morton says there are still plans for a Cyborg solo movie to happen, and that the film may use scrapped storylines from 2017's Justice League. Morton played scientist Silas Stone in Justice League, the father of Victor Stone/Cyborg (Ray Fisher).

As a follow-up to Justice League, the Cyborg standalone film has already had a troubled history. With the continued desire among fans for a "Snyder cut" of Justice League and ongoing confusion as to how much of the story was altered by Joss Whedon's reshoots, there are many questions about the original intentions for the DC heroes portrayed in the film. Cyborg was among the heroes that were introduced fully for the first time in the shared DC film universe. Both he and his father had limited screen time in the film, although Morton claims both he and Fisher filmed many more scenes than were seen in the final cut.

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In a new interview with Slash Film, Morton states the original cut of Justice League contained a greater storyline for both Silas Stone and his son, but that he is unable to discuss what that storyline entailed. “Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what [the original story] is because that might end up being in part of the Cyborg movie,” Morton said. “There was a big change once they decided that they were going to do the Cyborg film.” Morton also stated the standalone film is still in the plans for a 2020 release date, but he has yet to see a script for the project.

Morton also offers a bit of insight into the direction that the Cyborg film could take. “I think the idea is to deal more with his family so you watch the evolution of him becoming Cyborg,” Morton said. Recently, footage from Justice League involving more of Victor's backstory was released, featuring his mother cheering him on while he plays football. In the comics, it was a football injury that left Victor in such a state that his father was prompted to turn him into a cyborg. This origin story is completely altered in Justice League.

As for the Snyder cut controversy, Morton's comments indicate further reasons for Warner Bros. to keep any original footage under wraps. However, it also allows for the possibility of the scrapped storyline to appear in some form when the standalone film hits theaters. Morton's comments even indicate that certain scenes were left out because of the plans for what storylines would be included in a future standalone film, which could be positive for Cyborg despite being negative for Justice League. For now, however, Morton's words should give some hope to DC fans who are eager to see Victor and Silas Stone's story on the big screen.

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Source: Slash Film

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