How Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher Reacted to Being Cast in the DCEU

Actor Ray Fisher has revealed what his initial reaction was to learning he had been cast as Victor Stone/Cyborg in Justice League. Unlike the rest of his Justice League cast members, Fisher was the least experienced actor to be cast in the iconic superhero team, having done no film work prior to his official casting as the character. While audiences got to briefly see him as Cyborg in last year's Batman v Superman, the actor is finally getting to really flex his muscles as the beloved superhero in this year's Justice League film - where both Victor Stone and his father, Silas (Joe Morton), are expected to play significant roles in the film's overarching story.

Despite the fact that fans haven't really gotten to see the DCEU version of Cyborg in full action yet, they've become fairly well-acquainted with Fisher over the past two years. Not only has he kept up a fairly consistent social media presence - where he consistently shows support for his fellow DCEU cast members - but his excited appearances at several comic book conventions have done a good job at building a strong rapport with the up-and-coming actor and the passionate DC fans around the world.

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While appearing at AsiaPOP Comicon in the Philippines this week (h/t The Geekery), Fisher talked to fans about what it was like auditioning for the role of Cyborg originally, before even going so far as to roll around on the ground in excitement, in order to truly express what his reaction was to being cast by Zack Snyder:

“I tested for the piece, I went out to Detroit and tested the same time they were ... shooting Batman v Superman. It was one of those rare moments in life where you say, ‘hey, listen, if it doesn’t go my way, I’ve had a good time… and I’m just happy for the experience.’ When he [Snyder] called me up, he said one sentence… ‘Well, it looks like we’re making a movie.’ [Drops to the ground and starts rolling around] I was like, ‘you don’t even understand! I watch Batman Returns every Christmas!’”

It's because of Fisher's general excitement regarding his involvement in the DCEU, that his presence in the burgeoning cinematic universe is already fairly noticeable, despite his small amount of actual screen time up until this point. Based on Cyborg's appearances in the Justice League trailers, it looks like Warner Bros.' first attempt at bringing the beloved comic book character to life in a live-action form on the big screen has all the makings of being a successful one. Some of Justice League's extensive reshoots have reportedly been dedicated to reshaping the tone of Cyborg in the film, to further ensure that his DCEU debut is a success.

Assuming that Warner Bros.' current DCEU slate stays with the same set of films moving forwards too, fans should only be a few years away from getting to see Fisher in Cyborg solo film. While no visible movement or development on that solo title has been made up until this point, it's generally agreed to be one of the DCEU titles Warner Bros.' will be releasing in 2020, with Cyborg also rumored to be playing a role in The Flash solo movie, alongside Ezra Miller's Barry Allen. However, with The Flash currently on the look-out for a new director, there's no telling if that plan has changed or not. Either way, there's no denying at this point, that DC fans should expect to see a whole lot more from Fisher in the coming years.

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Source: The Geekery

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