30 Crazy Details About Cyborg’s Body

30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

While he was, at one time, one of the most popular members of the Teen Titans, DC Comics saw something special in Cyborg and promoted him to the Justice League in the New 52.

That is a home that he maintains in both the DC Rebirth storyline, the animated movies, and the current DC shared movie universe.

Of course, for fans who loved him in the Teen Titans, there is still the Cyborg who appears in Teen Titans Go!, including the recent movie adaptation Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.

With that said, what do most fans really know about this cybernetic superhero?

Cyborg originally appeared in 1980 in the pages of DC Comics Presents #26 and ended up as a core member of the New Teen Titans in the '80s, arguably the most iconic and memorable lineup of that team of teenage superheroes.

His original origin story involved him being the son of scientists, a boy who resisted the lure of gang life but ended up mortally wounded following an incident at his parent's lab. His father rebuilt him into Cyborg and he became a superhero.

In the New 52, Vic was a high school football star whose father neglected him. When he went to call out his dad, he was caught in an explosion caused by a Father Box, and once again, his dad saved him by turning him into Cyborg.

In both iterations, he has many powers, including controlling computers and creating weapons, all using his very interesting new body.

Here are the 30 Crazy Details About Cyborg’s Body.

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30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body
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30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

One of Cyborg's most significant powers is using the computer microchips inside his body to reach out and interface with other computers.

This was shown in the Justice League movie when he was able to pinpoint the Mother Boxes for the team to seek out.

Thanks to the programming that his father implemented in him to keep his son alive, Cyborg can reach into any machine -- and any object ran by computers -- and communicate with those machines.

He can then both gain information and take control of the machines if needed.


Cyborg and Batman in the Justice League trailer

A little less than half of Cyborg's face is cybernetic and this includes his left eye. Replacing the human eye that he lost in the explosion, his father added a cybernetic eye that includes infrared technology.

This is very useful and allows Cyborg to use that eye to see the infrared spectrum and measure out the temperature of objects and the environment.

This aids Cyborg in knowing if an enemy is a human or not and can also be used to tell if there is a bomb in a device the Justice League is studying.

28 He has a NOISE CANNON

30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg can create many different kinds of weapons from his armor's arms, but one of the more interesting ones is the noise cannon that he has built in.

The noise canon gives Cyborg the ability to both create and manipulate noise.

This comes out as an electromagnetic wave that can distort, corrupt or destroy other computer data and can also interfere with computer waves.

The noise cannon is also an offensive weapon and can emit enough blasts of sound to shatter rock or deform steel structures.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

The material used to create Cyborg's new body also provides him with an interesting defense.

While his bones and skin are dense and almost indestructible, his cybernetic body parts also provide a natural body armor against energy attacks.

On top of being protected from energy coming at his body, Cyborg can also emit an EMP blast at any electrical devices.

What this does is allow Cyborg to knock out any electrical devices around the vicinity, another strong weapon when his team is heading in for a targeted attack.


Justice League Photo Batman Wonder Woman Cyborg

With Cyborg able to communicate with computers and able to hear anything that is broadcast, it became too much for him.

As a result, he went to Batman for help.

Cyborg was unable to focus due to the noise coming into his brain at all times and they created a blocking device.

This was something that the two heroes came up with that helped select high priority items and then filter out anything else that was unnecessary.

This helped Cyborg create a structured database and control what information he sought out without getting overwhelmed with data overload.


Justice League Trailer Cyborg

Cyborg's cybernetic eye is not just an infrared detector -- it is also equipped with a lot of other cool devices as well.

These include a number of sensory systems.

Of course, there are the thermal sensors, which operates the infrared technology, but there are also optic sensors, which heightens his vision, and motion sensors.

This was dealt with in detail in Black Night: Titans #1 and it makes Cyborg's right eye give him possibly the best vision this side of Superman.

He can also see in the dark and can spot and identify laser sensors.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

When looking at Cyborg, it is easy to see the metal that is covering his body.

However, the explosion devastated his entire body and he needed his bones rebuilt as well. His father used molybdenum-steel to re-construct his son's bones -- which makes them almost unbreakable.

The molybdenum adds heat and corrosion resistance to the bones, which helps protect the steel, which is known to corrode over time.

It is fair to compare Vic's steel bones to those of Wolverine in the Marvel Universe when it comes to their invulnerability.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Looking at Cyborg, it is clear that he has natural body armor to protect him from most attacks. However, the skin that shows makes it looks like he has vulnerabilities.

The truth is that most of his skin is covered with an almost invulnerable enhancement known as Promethium skin grafts.

Promethium is a metal alloy made in two formats, and Cyborg has Depleted Promethium, which combined with titanium and vanadium made it nearly invulnerable.

Cyborg's bionic parts are also made out of Promethium.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg's body received another upgrade in the New 52 universe. At this time, he became a founding member of the Justice League instead of the New Teen Titans.

After dealing with Darkseid, the Justice League had to deal with a new hero in Aquaman and that forced them underwater at points.

In the Throne of Atlantis storyline, Cyborg was needed underwater to fight the battles and had his original lungs replaced by cybernetic lungs.

This allowed him to breathe underwater, making him an even more valuable hero during this time of crisis.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg received enhancements to all five of his senses. This makes him a skilled tracker, similar to Wolverine in the Marvel Universe -- but one a computer level.

Thanks to his sharp eyesight, his superhuman hearing, his infrared scanners, and the ability to hack into any computer needed, he is able to find anyone he wants.

Cyborg also has a database in his brain of every superpowered hero and villain known on Earth, and this aids him when he needs to seek someone out.

Cyborg was able to use this specific tracking system to find the Mother Boards in the Justice League movie.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

While Cyborg's left eye allows him many optical sensors, it also provides him with enhanced vision and the ability to see things that no one else can see.

As shown in the LEGO DC Superheroes: The Flash movie, Cyborg can see even the tiniest of beings, as he was able to amplify his vision to see The Atom.

Cyborg is also able to turn his left eye into a telescopic lens and see long distances and can use it to see in the dark as well.

This makes him the perfect person to operate in close-quartered, pitch black battles.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg's sense of hearing was also amplified thanks to the cybernetic upgrades. He can use his enhanced hearing to listen in to conversations taking place at a long distance away.

He can also use it, along with his ability to hack into computers and phone lines, to listen in on conversations taking place over mobile devices.

On top of this, he has medical scanners built into his body and his enhanced hearing can pinpoint parts of an injured person's body that is out of whack.

This allows him to be a nice medical assistant as well when needed.


Cyborg, One Of The Most Powerful Animated DC Characters

Cyborg can already fly with rocket blasters, but he also has a secondary took built into his feet that give him a second mode of transportation.

Cyborg has what is called Jump Jets.

A good comparison of this is the Incredible Hulk, who can't fly but can jump long distances using only his leg strength.

For Cyborg, the Jump Jets allow him to super-jump across long distances or even jump from the ground to the roof or from the top of a building back down to the streets.

It seems strange to have this and flight, but it provides us with some great visuals.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

With the cybernetic upgrades, Cyborg's strength levels were also amplified greatly.

While Vic Stone was already an elite athlete, he was still at the level of a peak human when it came to his strength.

However, thanks to the upgrades, Cyborg is now one of the stronger superheroes in DC Comics.

He doesn't reach the level of someone like Superman, Aquaman, or Wonder Woman, but Cyborg can lift up to five tons at his peak, although Batman & Robin Vol. 2 #36 shows that upgrades always tweak the maximum lifting power of Cyborg.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg has the power known as technomorphing.

This means that he doesn't just control technology, but he can actually assimilate himself into the technology by sending his will into any machine he comes in contact with. This includes cyberspace.

Cyborg calls it the digiverse, and it played a large role in the DC Rebirth Cyborg comic book in 2017 when he "hacked" the multiverse to save the Justice League.

This entire story gave Cyborg more of a cyberpunk feel and was a logical step when it comes to his computer interfacing abilities.


Cyborg's body and bones may be almost invulnerable, but as comic books, movies, and TV shows have shown over the years, he can be hurt and injured.

However, Cyborg possesses regenerative abilities called Technorganic Restoration.

Most fans of the hero already knew that his cybernetic body parts would self-repair themselves if damaged.

However, in Justice League Vol. 2 #41, his skin was also shown to have regenerative abilities as well.

In this issue, his damaged flesh began to regenerate around and beneath his cybernetic systems.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Not only can Cyborg's cybernetic armor upgrade and fix damages inflicted on it and not only can Cyborg's skin now apparently regenerate as well from injuries, but it appears that his cybernetic body and systems will keep him alive.

In Convergence: Crime Syndicate#2, Cyborg had his entire body violently ripped apart and it looked like his life would to be over.

However, his body's computer systems rebooted and they brought him back to life and began to regenerate his flesh with circuitry and rebuilt him.

It appears that Cyborg's technology has made him nearly immortal.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg can shapeshift his body into just about anything in some versions and can even shapeshift his cybernetic body parts in others.

In Teen Titans Go!, Cyborg can turn into just about anything he wants to by shapeshifting his mechanical parts into various forms.

However, in the more canon version of Cyborg in comics and in the animated movies, Cyborg can shapeshift his cybernetic arms to create multiple weapons and technological equipment.

This includes his noise cannon and he can even create grappling hooks from his arms.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg can transport himself and others into hypertime -- something that not even The Flash can do using the Speed Force.

Hypertime first appeared back in 1999 in The Kingdom #2 and was a way for writer Grant Morrison to show alternate realities created due to the multiverse.

Hypertime was a way to travel throughout the various multiverses.

In Justice League Vol. 3 #33, Cyborg showed that he could go to different multiverses through hypertime and had the power to take others with him from a direct angle.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg can use his Jump Jets to leap long distances and can use his rocket boosters to fly.

However, Cyborg is also able to extend a force field around himself at a distance where others can be inside of it with him at the same time.

Cyborg is able to utilize this force field while he is flying and this allows those who don't have flying skills to basically float along beside him as he flies in what is basically an oxygenated environment.

As Teen Titans Go! To the Movies showed, he can also loan out body parts to people like Robin, who can then use them to fly as well.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg has regenerative skills and his cybernetic body parts are always able to repair themselves as well.

On top of that, he also has technomorphic evolution -- which means that Cyborg is always the best Cyborg that he can possibly be at all times.

This means that his xeno-tech is always evolving and upgrading without Victor needing to do anything at all.

Justice League Vol. 2 #41 showed that there is no need for any outside assistance and this is just automatic to keep him constantly upgraded.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

In Justice League Vol. 2 #33, Cyborg showed that he was a conduit for the complete multiverse and all worlds.

This occurred because Cyborg completely merged with the Mother Box in order to help the Justice League save the world.

However, this caused many side effects.

The main one is that Cyborg now draws power into his body from the energies of the multiverse using Element X to make his tech the strongest it can be.

He also has cosmic awareness due to being able to tap into every alternate timeline and can travel to any dimension in the multiverse through hypertime.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Justice League introduced the Mother Box and this tied into the fact that Cyborg has the ability to open Boom Tubes.

To put it simply, a Boom Tube is a device that allows extradimensional travel instantaneously through the portals opened by the Mother Box.

When Victor became a cyborg in the New 52, he assimilated a Father Box and this gave him the powers to open boom tubes to travel just about anywhere.

However, this came with a great danger, as one in a thousand jumps would send a person to Darkseid's world of Apokolips, making Cyborg reluctant to use Boom Tubes no more than he has to.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg is able to use the computer systems in his body to control any machine through its computer technology.

As shown in the Justice League movie, Cyborg was able to quickly and efficiently hack into one of Batman's vehicles, taking the control away from Alfred, to move it into battle.

Any device that relies on technology to operate is fair game for Cyborg to take over and control.

He does this through his communication with technology and makes any weapon, device, or computer something that Cyborg can utilize in any battle.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg can be the most reliable ally in a fight, but he also has the power to become the most boring Powerpoint salesman in the history of comic books.

Actually, what Cyborg is able to do here is use his cybernetic left eye and shoot out a display of what he has stored on his computer scanners.

It will then display the computer screen as a holographic image or, as with the case of the Justice League movie, show a full map with the infrared spots displayed to show where the bodies are located.

In Teen Titans Go!, he has been able to use this as a video projector as well, so Cyborg could be great at parties.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Before his New 52 reboot and insertion into the Justice League team, Cyborg was a loyal and popular member of the Teen Titans.

At this time, his powers were very similar to what they are in the new DC Comics universe, but there was one power that has yet to manifest itself in the new world of DC Comics.

In DC Special: Cyborg #6, Vic proved to have the ability of Power Absorption.

This meant that Cyborg could siphon the powers of heroes and villains who were in close proximity of him through his bionic components.

It put him on another level and gave him almost too much power.


Justice League Trailer Cyborg GCU

In the New 52, Victor Stone was a football star with daddy issues. However, at the same time, he was also a solid high school student who came from a strong lineage of genius level intellects.

With the transformation into Cyborg, his already heightened intelligence was enhanced even more with the computer technology.

According to Tales of the New Teen Titans #1, Stone had an IQ measured at 170.

The cybernetic technology just made him smarter, which is something that fans of Teen Titans Go! might find hard to believe.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg is incredibly powerful, as his body providse him with a lot of weapons and technology.

However, this does not make him invulnerable to everything.

In Justice League Vol. 3 #33, he was battling the Fearsome Five and found himself at the mercy of Jinx.

It turns out that Cyborg's body is vulnerable to magic. Jinx used her magic powers to turn his body into liquid metal.

Luckily, while his body can suffer from magical spells, he still has his regenerative abilities to help him rebound from the attacks over time.


30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg has an IQ of 170 and his mind is almost a computer in itself.

However, his mind is still a human mind at the end of the day -- despite the constant data always filing into his brain.

This means that while Cyborg might be able to control machines at will, he is vulnerable to mind control.

This was shown in Justice League vs. Suicide Squad #5, when Cyborg proved to be prone to telepathic and psionic attacks and he can -- at least temporarily -- be turned against his friends if he faces an experienced telepath.

1 He can throw a great MEATBALL PARTY

30 Crazy Facts About Cyborg’s Body

Cyborg is a tortured soul in both the DC Comics New 52 and Rebirth, as well as the new Justice League movie universe.

However, in his days as a member of the Teen Titans, Cyborg and Beast Boy just wanted to have fun -- and they had a lot of fun.

If there is one thing that Teen Titans Go! has going for it, the Teen Titans love to party and Cyborg can be the life of the party.

He can become a boombox (the music kind, not the transporting kind) and he even has an oven in his body that keeps the meatballs warm and tasty at all times.


Can you think of any other interesting facts about Cyborg's body? Sound off in the comments!

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