CW's Supernatural Shifts Gears In Season 3

If you're in some form of withdrawel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Supernatural may by what the doctor ordered.

Supernatural revolves around Dean and Sam Winchester, brothers who pursue demons and monsters after losing their parents to the forces of evil. It's kind of like Ghost Hunters on Sci Fi, but with weapons! They're very retro, cruising around the country in their cool 1967 Chevy while listening to classic rock. Unfortunately, in the process, they've inadvertently become fugitives from the law and use surreptitious means to get the job done.

The writing pieces story elements together pretty well as they've addressed common ghost legends over the last two seasons (this is the third season of the show). The Winchester brothers, Sam (played by Jared Padalecki) and Dean (played by Jensen Ackles) are now facing their own personal issues as last season Dean promised his soul to the underworld to save his brother's life. Normally, this would be a very distressful scenario, but while Dean has only one year to live, he is taking advantage of the time he has left by doing things like having romps with the 'doublemint twins' and eating bacon cheeseburgers for breakfast since he doesn't have to worry about cholesterol any more.

The creative forces behind the show are tossing in uncharacteristic swaths of humor through Dean's situation which takes the viewer by surprise. We're not used to seeing this usually somber and troubled man having a sense of humor and the (unintended?) effect is that it's kind of creepy. On the flip side, last season saw the brothers accidentally open the gates of Hell and now they and other "slayers" like them have their work cut out for them. Dean, knowing he will be dead soon, is a bit of a loose cannon. "Hey I'm dying, what could happen to me?!"

I like the storytelling in the show: There is constant angst between the brothers due to their different approaches to their task and conflicts with the law while ultimately doing good for mankind. It irks me how they must lurk around the edges of the law to get their jobs done, and that's caused me to be engaged by the writing.

I recommend you check it out on The CW, Thursdays at 9, 8 central. See what you think and let me know!

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