CW Developing 'Vixen' Animated Series in 'Arrow/Flash' Universe


Last year, The CW officially got into the superhero shared universe business with the fall premiere of The Flash. Just a couple of months later, the network scored record ratings for sister show Arrow with a major crossover event, meaning more DC heroes are almost certainly on their way to the airwaves (some potentially sooner rather than later).

The upcoming Supergirl series over at CBS reportedly may share a universe with both CW shows, and of course, there's always the possibility of shows focusing on characters like Firestorm or The Atom. However, another hero looks like she may beat those other projects to the airwaves. Well, sort of.

According to CBM, Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim is developing an animated series centering on DC superhero Vixen. The project will take place within the same universe as both Arrow and The Flash but will debut on The CW's digital-only network, CW Seed. The news was revealed during The CW's presentation at the winter Television Critics Association. See the first promo artwork for the series below, featuring the title character alongside her fellow DC television heroes.

The selection of a relatively obscure character such as Vixen (blessed with the ability to mimic powers of most wild animals) is a bold move for The CW, even if the character will make her debut solely on the web. Even if Vixen was rumored to join DC's Suicide Squad movie early on, the DC universe is teeming with numerous heroes and villains, all awaiting their chance to shine either on the small screen or as part of the film side of things kicking off next year. If Vixen has made the top of the list, then there's no telling what niche or cult favorites may be next.

It's likely that this new series is essentially a testing ground to establish Vixen as a potential player in the larger DC television universe. If the CW Seed show manages to attract viewership, it's very possible that Vixen could be incorporated into the existing shows or perhaps earn her own live-action series.

Time will tell if the character will truly break out, but in any case, the fact that Vixen is receiving her own series is certainly a time to just how invested The CW is in creating an interconnected web of multimedia entertainment for DC heroes, one in which any number of heroes could potentially play an integral part.

Are you excited about CW Seed introducing an animated expansion to the Arrow/Flash universe? What other characters would you like to see the network add to that world? Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts.

Vixen will air on CW Seed this fall. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for further details.

Source: CBM

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