The CW Plans to Air Original TV Shows on Sundays Next Season

The CW's slate of original TV shows and programming is going to expand to Sunday nights during the upcoming Fall 2018 television season, adding another day to its regular Monday-Friday schedule in the process.

This might not seem like enormously important news but it could have a rather wide-reaching impact. Of the five major broadcast networks, The CW has typically produced the lowest ratings. The highest rated show on The CW is far under what CBS wants and expects. However, The CW does host shows with some of the most dedicated and involved fans. It's for those people who should be the most excited about this change.

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This news was first reported by Variety. As mentioned, the change will take place in the 2018-2019 TV season. The owners of The CW, CBS Corp and Warner Bros, signed off on the new schedule. So did the local affiliates of The CW, who were airing their own programs in the Sunday night time slot. In the simplest terms, the change will give The CW 12 hours of programming a week, as opposed to the previous 10. The CW will still stop airing original programming at the 9/8c hour. However, opening Sunday frees up the network considerably.

Mark Pedowitz, the president of The CW, said of the change:

We’re very, very happy and very optimistic.We believe that this is the best thing for the CW and its business model.

While very acclaimed, the line-up of original programming on The CW has been very stuffed for quite some time. This is partly because The CW has very much tapped into superhero boom, expanding the Arrowverse greatly and instituting a network rule that no more than 4 superhero shows will air at a time. In the current season, for example, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl have been forced to share a time slot. Yet the lack of a sixth night was also a drain on how much time The CW had available to devote to its original shows.

With the change, it's now incredibly likely that low-rated yet solidly performing and praised series like Jane the Virgin, iZombie, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend will get new seasons. Although The CW does have low ratings compared to its network competition, almost all of their original shows have steady ratings. Unlike most of the television landscape, when an audience attaches to a CW show they stick with it. This is something that's very valuable to a network, which is why the decision to cancel a show from The CW typically comes down to a matter of fractions in the ratings.

Adding Sunday night to the schedule will benefit viewers in two obvious ways - by giving the network a chance to save low-rated shows with dedicated fanbases, and allowing The CW to add at least two more series to their busy schedule. Among other things, that means the chances of the Supernatural spin-off, Wayward Sisters, getting green-lit just skyrocketed, and that the Arrowverse may not be done expanding just yet. All things considered, this should be a very good thing for The CW and fans.

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Source: Variety

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