The CW Thursday Night Ratings Are Strong

Smallville fans who are miffed at The CW for moving your favorite show, you probably don't want to read this.

The CW's Thursday night time slot is showing serious ratings momentum as The Vampire Diaries posted its best ratings yet since the series premiere.

The Vampire Diaries drew in an estimated 3.8 million viewers last Thursday, October 15th.

Behind The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural is also on an up tick in the ratings as 2.6 million viewers also tuned in for that powerful episode.

These numbers are an increase over this time slot last year of 14% in adults 18-34, 43% in women 18-34, 7% in adults 18-49 and 36% in women 18-49.

I have to say, I've not been horribly disappointed with The Vampire Diaries and am totally loving the 5th season of Supernatural.

Source:  TV By The Numbers

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