CW's Roswell Reboot Recruits Vampire Diaries Producer

The CW hires The Vampire Diaries series creator Julie Plec to direct and produce the pilot episode for the network's upcoming Roswell reboot. The original series is centered around the daughter of undocumented immigrants who returns to her childhood home in Roswell, New Mexico and discovers a shocking secret about her teenage crush. Her crush, now a police officer, is revealed to be an alien who has hidden extraterrestrial powers from the general public throughout his entire life.

As the romantic connection blossoms, the pair investigates his other-worldly origins and uncovers a massive government conspiracy as well as more aliens that are suspected to be hiding on Earth. Clearly, there's quite a wild ride planned for the freshman season. Even though the series is without a cast or a premiere date, The CW continues to push the pilot forward behind the scenes.

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Deadline reports that Julie Plec will direct the pilot episode for Roswell, which will be her first time directing a pilot. Should the reboot be ordered to series, Plec will remain on as executive producer through her production banner, My So-Called Company. Plec will also be reuniting with her Originals co-writer Carina Adly MacKenzie, who is also tapped to be writing and executive producing the Roswell reboot.

Since Roswell is a fan-favorite sci-fi series from the early 2000s, The CW obviously needs a director familiar with both action and romantic drama in order to pull off their lofty season 1 goals. And they seem to have nailed the perfect candidate with The Vampire Diaries and The Originals creator and showrunner, Julie Plec. In addition to directing multiple episodes of her vampire-centric series, Plec recently sat behind the camera on an episode of The CW's Riverdale.

Based on the book series Roswell HighRoswell ran for three seasons beginning in 1999. The plot followed Max, a teenage alien who crash-landed in Roswell, New Mexico. Max and his sister, Isabel, were adopted by a local family and assimilated into a regular childhood. Max and Isabel had no idea they were aliens - being adopted as children - and only discovered their origin when they were in high school, after Max healed his classmate, Liz's, gunshot wounds in a diner shooting. The series went on to navigate the teen alien's attempts to return home, along with typical high school angst. Roswell helped jump-start the careers of several popular television stars, such as Katherine Heigl, Emilie de Raven, Colin Hanks, and Jason Behr - perhaps the Roswell reboot will do the same for its stars.

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Source: Deadline

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