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Warning: Spoilers ahead for the mid-season finales of these shows


The holidays are a wonderful time of year, where everyone gets to eat, drink and be merry... and when the majority of the fall/winter TV takes a few weeks off to let us do it. Now that New Year is passed, however, and it's time to get back to work, comic fans are looking forward to the return of all their favorite shows - especially those on the CW. The network has made a name for itself as the home of great comic book adaptations, with Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Riverdale, and iZombie all airing on the CW. In addition, genre series Supernatural is one of the channel's biggest hits, and more comic book series are being added each year. Black Lightning is the next hero to join the CW's roster - and we've got all the info you need on when each show is going to be back on TV.

Obviously, this won't cover the entire CW schedule, as there are many other shows also airing on the network. However, these are the biggest and best of the comic book and genre adaptations, most of which have been on break since mid-December. However, one or two are starting new seasons in the next few months, so keep an eye out to add those to your calendar as well!

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Arrowverse/Black Lightning

Nafessa Williams Cress Williams and China Anne McClain in Black Lightning

The Arrowverse wrapped up with Christmas episodes mid-December, with the final episode of Arrow airing on December 7th. Most of the Arrowverse will return to our screens the week of January 15th, but there are a few changes when we return. Supergirl premieres Jan 15th, with 'Legion Of Superheroes', when the heroes of the Legion must revive Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) after her encounter with Reign (Odette Annable). The Flash follows on Jan 16th, with 'The Trial Of The Flash', which picks up after Barry Allen's (Grant Gustin) arrest in the mid-season finale. Finally, Arrow returns on Jan 18th with 'Divided', which will deal with the fallout of Team Arrow's split.

Legends of Tomorrow, which aired immediately after The Flash before the winter break, will not be returning for quite a while. The time-travelling team won't be back until February 12th, when Legends takes Supergirl's Monday night slot, and Supergirl goes on hiatus for that period. The post-Flash spot will instead be occupied by Black Lightning, the CW's new DC show about a retired hero with electrical powers. Black Lightning will premiere Jan 16th with 'The Resurrection'.

Supernatural, Riverdale and iZombie

Sam and Dean in Supernatural

Supernatural and Riverdale return the same week as the Arrowverse. Supernatural premieres on Jan 18th at 8pm with 'Wayward Sisters', which is a backdoor pilot for a potential spin-off of the same name. Wayward Sisters (both the episode and the series) will center on Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) and the girls that she takes in, and should the episode be well-received, a full season order could be confirmed very quickly.

Riverdale returns January 17th with 'Chapter Twenty Three: The Blackboard Jungle', as the students of Southside High are forced to join Riverdale High after their school is shut down. iZombie, meanwhile, doesn't yet have a confirmed premiere date, but it is likely to return sometime in the spring. Filming is already underway, and season four will probably start around April, the same time that season three launched last year.

  • Supergirl returns Jan 15th at 8 pm EST
  • The Flash returns Jan 16th at 8pm EST
  • Black Lightning returns Jan 17th at 9pm EST
  • Riverdale returns Jan 17th at 8pm EST
  • Supernatural returns Jan 18th at 8pm EST
  • Arrow returns Jan 18th at 9pm EST
  • Legends of Tomorrow returns Feb 12th at 8pm EST

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