The Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

The CW made a huge announcement on Thursday and renewed an eye-popping 10 shows in one fell swoop. This is normal for The CW, who almost always announces their yearly renewals on the Thursday before the Television Critics Association winter press tour. With the new announcements, there are only a few shows left on the bubble.

The 100 and rookie series In the Dark, All American, and Roswell still have the futures up in the air. With that said, iZombie, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin are all ending. Here is the ultimate list of CW renewals this season after the big announcement.


Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

Supernatural is in the middle of its 14th season, which not only consists of 20 episodes but also will include the show's 300th episode. With that in mind, there was talk that the long-lasting show would finally wind down but it will be back for the 15th season.

Supernatural is the only show left from The WB network which became The CW in 2006. The story of the demon-hunting Winchester brothers and their battles with monsters, demons, Heaven and Hell will keep on going and at this rate, they might end up living forever.

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Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

Supergirl will be coming back for a fifth season, which was good news after the ratings dropped somewhat when the series moved to Sunday nights. However, The CW had to know that there would be a drop when they extended their schedule to six nights instead of five.

The first half of Season 4 delved into some social commentary on issues that America is currently dealing with, but the show remained popular thanks mostly to the strong cast. The second season's roadmap remains a mystery as it is on another hiatus, but fans can be secure in knowing that it will lead to a Season 5.

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Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

The cult smash hit Riverdale is coming back for its fourth season on The CW. The series continues to shake up viewers with some brilliantly bizarre storylines and has been a huge hit thanks to the off-kilter narrative. It was so popular that a spin-off series is coming with Katy Keene and that doesn't even take into account The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina over on Netflix.

Clearly, Archie and the gang are popular again for a brand-new generation. The murder mysteries are still going strong and the idea of The Farm still has a lot of mysteries to uncover as well.


Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

The most obvious renewal for The CW is The Flash. While it came after Arrow, the adventures of the Scarlet Speedster has picked up a monster fanbase due to the fun on display, in contrast to the dark storylines from its sister series. It actually ranks as one of 2018's most popular television shows.

The CW renewal will bring back The Flash for its sixth season. In season 5, the showrunners decided to shake things up and put Flash up against a non-speedster villain for the second year in a row. There aren't many big names left for Flash to face from his own Rogue's gallery at this time, so it will be curious to see where the show goes from here.


Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

After the success of the rebooted Dallas in 2012, The CW decided to get in on the act and brought back another nighttime soap from the '80s in Dynasty. With Grant Show (Melrose Place) and Nicollette Sheridan (Knots Landing) leading the way, the Carrington's were back and crazier than ever.

The show has been a success, even though it dropped about seven-percent in the second season's viewership. Despite that, The CW renewed it for a third season partially because of its streaming deals keeping many shows alive without worrying about day-of ratings and partially because nighttime soaps are the craze again.


Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

The CW also renewed its criminally underrated superhero series DC's Legends of Tomorrow. This is great news for one huge reason. When CBS canceled Constantine, it was a crime since Matt Ryan was pitch perfect as John Constantine and the show deserved so much better than it received by the network. After a short animated revival on the CW Seed, Ryan brought Constantine to Legends of Tomorrow.

With the renewal for a fifth season, Matt Ryan will finally move into a major role and fans can watch Constantine continue to be all kinds of awesome. The show has dropped in viewers by 35-percent in its fourth season, which is a crime since it remains a fun show and a blast to watch.

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Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

While it is the DC Comics show that no one seems to talk about, Black Lightning was also renewed by The CW for a third season. The lack of buzz for the show is likely due to the fact that it is not connected to the rest of the DC Comics world on The CW and lives in its own bubble.

Currently in its second seasonBlack Lightning stars Cress Williams as a superhero helping the people of Freeland, doing so as a crime fighter as well as an educator. As a show that is more about changing the system than seeking vengeance, it is nice to see it coming back for another season.


Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

The oldest DC Comics television series on The CW is Arrow and it isn't stopping yet, although many believe the end might be in sight. While the heroes that came after have surpassed it in popularity, Arrow is still the show where it all began and the show that all the others are centered around.

This will be the eighth season of Arrow, second to only Supernatural's 15 seasons. It should come as no surprise since The CW already announced there would be another Arrowverse crossover coming in 2019 based on the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline, so all the shows were pretty much a lock to return.


Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

There were also two rookie shows on The CW that will pick up renewals. The first was the rebooted Charmed. While the show got off to a rough start before it ever aired when the original cast felt their work was being dismissed and were vocal about it, the first season of the reboot worked well enough to warrant a second season.

The plot is almost identical to the original series with three sisters with special powers defending the world from demons. The first season brought in over a million viewers on average, which was good enough for another serving.


Ultimate List Of CW Renewals This Season

The second rookie series on The CW to pick up a renewal was Legacies. This is yet another spin-off from The Vampire Diaries and focuses on the students at the Salvator School for the Young and Gifted. The school teaches the kids how to control their powers and their impulses.

The lead character is the daughter of Klaus, and while some fans of The Originals and Supernatural were not happy to see the spin-off series added to the schedule, they soon came around. It brought it the same rantings as Black Lightning and had more viewers than Legends of Tomorrow and Dynasty, so that was enough to warrant a second season.

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