'iZombie' Trailer & Images: 'Veronica Mars' with Zombies

iZombie Rose McIver

After months of teases and lack of information, today, not only did The CW finally announce a premiere date for the highly anticipated iZombie from Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas (based on the Vertigo comic book of the same name), it also released the world’s first trailer.

As reported earlier, iZombie has been slated for a Tuesday, March 17th premiere where it will take over the current Supernatural timeslot.

Starring Rose McIver, the new series follows Olivia “Liv” Moore, an employee at the coroner's office who also happens to be a zombie that feeds on dead brains at the office in order to satiate her appetite.

However, her meals come with a price – with every brain, Olivia becomes plagued with visions of the dead person she’s consumed. Visions that allow her to help the police solve homicides.

iZombie Rose McIver

While not as high profile as The Flash, The CW’s banking on the Veronica Mars crowd that secured funding for a feature film continuation of the series that released last year to help propel the adaptation to ratings success.

Of course, what would qualify as ratings success for iZombie is probably not nearly as high a number as would be needed for the likes of Arrow or The Vampire Diaries. Rather, The CW most likely wants iZombie to be a highly buzzed about cult success. If it is, it will allow producing studio Warner Bros. to continue making the series up to – at least – 88 episodes, thus propelling it into the world of syndication, at which point the show would just pay for itself.

The CW is a network that exists solely to do the bidding of co-owners CBS and Warner Bros. (the latter of which has found much greater success with the genre fair it supplies the network over the former), but that doesn’t mean The CW can’t get something out of the deal. In this case, that exchange comes in the form of audiences who have been clamoring for a new Rob Thomas series since the end of Party Down.

In addition to the trailer, the network has also released a slate of new photos (courtesy of that can be viewed below.


Rose McIver in iZombie

Rose McIver and Rahul Kohli in iZombie

Rose McIver and Robert Buckley in iZombie

Rose McIver as a Zombie in iZombie

Rose McIver and David Anders in iZombie

Rose McIver Drinking in iZombie

Rose McIver as Olivia Moore Waking Up in iZombie

Rose McIver as Olivia Moore in iZombie

iZombie premieres March 17th @9pm on The CW.

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