20 Crazy CW Fan Theories That Were Actually True

fWhen it comes to creating great concepts for TV shows, it is usually probably best to leave the theorizing and plot points to that show's writers. But TV fans who really pay attention to their favorite shows often come up with plot ideas and twists that actually make as much sense as what those writers eventually might come up with.

Every television show has its share of fan theories that end up somewhere on the Internet (Tumblr or Reddit are often full of conspiracy theories about television shows). Some of those theories are completely out there. Some theories actually make sense or even make other fans wonder if the fan theory is right all along. And some of those theories seem to come from a crystal ball because they are the ones that end up becoming true.

Is this is a case of writers being so good at their jobs that fans can see the plot twists before they arrive on a TV show? Or are TV show writers getting ideas from fans? Whatever the case, fans often feel vindicated when they get to that moment on a TV show where they can utter the words, "I knew it! I was right!"

Some of these theories came from obvious clues left by writers, but others seemed to come from out of left field. But there is one thing that all these theories have in common: they eventually came true.

Here are 20 Crazy CW Fan Theories That Were Actually True.

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20 Supernatural: Chuck is God

There was always something about Chuck Shurley on Supernatural that fans really loved. Sure, he was just a simple prophet of the lord writing books about the Winchesters in his spare time. He just seemed like a regular guy, though, right?

At some point during the series, fans started theorizing that Chuck was someone far more important. Fans started to wonder if Chuck was really God. In season 11, fans finally got the truth: they were right all along.  Chuck really was God!

This was one of those plot twists that wasn't exactly a surprise, except that they were surprised that they were right about Chuck's true nature. To this day, fans swear it was them that got the writers to turn Chuck into a deity.

19 The Flash: Mystery Girl is the child of Barry and Iris

During last year's Arrowverse crossover, a mysterious girl turned up at Barry and Iris' wedding as a waitress. She seemed pretty normal, except that she spoke kind of weird and seemed to have knowledge of things she maybe should not have had. She was also really excited about the wedding.

As soon as she appeared on-screen, though, fans just knew who she was. This was surely the child of Barry and Iris.

She resembled both of them and she had that something special that both of her parents have.

Fans learned that they were right in the season four finale, when this Mystery Girl, Nora, turned up and explained that yes, she really was the daughter of Barry and Iris.

18 Legends of Tomorrow: John Constantine Joins The Legends

Fans still devastated about the cancellation of the Constantine TV series never really gave up on the character. Matt Ryan in the title role made quite the impact. It was because of this that The CW first brought the character into the Arrowverse, having Constantine help Team Arrow bring Sara Lance back from beyond the grave. Then he was gone again, but not forgotten.

That's when rumors began that Constantine would eventually turn up on Legends of Tomorrow. The beautiful thing is that he did in season three of the series, but then The CW announced that he would be a regular during season 4.

17 Riverdale: Betty’s Dad is The Black Hood

Season 2 of Riverdale revolved around one major plot point: who is the Black Hood? This is the masked man who shot Fred Andrews at the end of season 1 and then went on to terrorize the "sinners" of Riverdale throughout the show's second season.

There was a lot of speculation about the criminal's identity, but many fans believed rightly from the beginning that he was Hal Cooper, Betty's dad.

Not only did the Black Hood know a lot about Betty and her life, but much of his actions seem to revolve around her, as well.

The show finally revealed his identity as Hal at the end of season 2.

16 Gossip Girl: Dan Humphrey is gossip girl

From the first episode of Gossip Girl, fans started trying to guess the identity of the mysterious blogger, whose voice sounded mostly like Kristen Bell.

Knowing that one of the characters on the show was actually Gossip Girl meant that fans started digging into each episode to determine that person's identity. Some guessed completely wrongly, but others came up with a theory that the Gossip Girl was actually Dan Humphrey, mostly because how he always seemed to hate Gossip Girl (which made that a good cover for him actually being her).

When the series finale finally revealed Dan as the Gossip Girl, some fans were shocked due to the plot holes it created, but others were too busy saying, "I knew it!"

15 Gilmore Girls: Rory's baby

Gilmore Girls ran for 7 seasons on The CW before the show finally ended. The story followed the exploits of a mother and daughter, as well as their relationships with family and friends in the fictional town of Stars Hollow. The mother, Lorelei, got pregnant as a teenager, and had Rory, the daughter, when she was still young.

Many fans began to come up with theories that Rory would eventually follow in her mother's footsteps: to have a baby out of wedlock.

Although that didn't happen on the original CW series, it did happen later when the show got its revival on Netflix. At the end of the final episode of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, Rory reveals to her mother that she's pregnant.

14 Veronica Mars: Lilly Kane and Logan's father

Mysteries will always bring out the best and worst fan theories. One mystery that many TV viewers struggled with was that of Lilly Kane on Veronica Mars.

Lilly was the daughter of billionaire Jake Kane, who was the CEO of Kane Software. The first season of Veronica Mars revolved around the mystery surrounding her passing.

Although someone confessed to the crime, Veronica knew that something didn't completely add up, so she started doing her own digging. Little clues led fans to begin suggesting that Lilly was actually taken out by Aaron Echolls, Logan's father.

The older man had an affair with Lilly and then ended her to cover it up.

He then paid someone else to confess.

13 The Flash: Savitar was Barry Allen

Season 3 of The Flash introduced a new villain to Central City. Savitar was one villain that Barry knew he had to stop, because Cisco had already seen Iris lose her life to the evil Speedster.

There was a lot of speculation about who Savitar was underneath his terrifying mask. Some of that speculation led fans to believe that Savitar was actually Barry, but a version from the future or a different timeline. This isn't too bizarre of a guess, though, because the show does deal with a lot of time travel and alternate timelines.

In the end, those theories were correct: Savitar was a time remnant left by Barry during his many manipulations of the timeline, making the whole season a little ridiculous.

12 Riverdale: Cheryl and Toni would become a couple

Season 2 of Riverdale brought a new recurring character into the fray of the insanity surrounding the search for the Black Hood. Enter Toni Topaz, a Southside Serpent, played by Vanessa Morgan.

Toni is bi in the comics and her portrayer is close friends with Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl, so fan speculation began as soon as casting was announced.

Despite clashing at first, Cheryl and Toni continued to grow close throughout the season, from friendship to flirting. The CW proved those fans right eventually when Cheryl and Toni kissed after Toni rescued Cheryl from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy.

11 Supergirl: Krypton lived on

With the introduction of Reign and the Worldkillers to season 3 of Supergirl, many fans wondered if Krypton, or at least a part of it, survived the complete destruction of the planet.

A lot of the speculation revolved around Argo City, a Kryptonian location that was very important to the Worldkiller story in the comic books. Many believed that Argo City would only turn up in flashbacks during the Supergirl TV show, but others thought that somehow the city survived.

The latter were correct: Supergirl discovers that Argo City escaped the destruction of Krypton and now exists as its own entity in space. Not only that, but Supergirl discovers that her mother is there, having also survived.

10 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Rachel having BPD

With a title like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, many not expect The CW show to try and tackle a serious discussion about mental illness head-on. For those who watched the series, Rachel's symptoms seemed clear.

A lot of fans would diagnose the character with borderline personality disorder (BPD), though most were not mental health professionals.

The series didn't give Rachel an official diagnosis until season 3, but that's exactly what her doctor said she lived with. That diagnosis, as well as the character, ended up sparking more interest in the disorder, as well as got fans talking about mental illness in a broader way.

9 Arrowverse: Batwoman

There are a lot of characters from DC Comics that have not yet made it to movies or the small screen. That means that fans will always come up with rumors about where each character might pop up. One character that fans would really love to see is Batwoman.

One might think she would appear on Gotham before the Arrowverse, but fans speculated that she would actually get introduced as part of the Arrowverse. Those fans were right: The CW announced that Batwoman would arrive during season 7 of Arrow.

This will happen in the next crossover episode, although there are no details about what kind of role she will play in the overall story.

8 Riverdale: Jason Blossom's fate

The first season of Riverdale was a mystery, surrounding Jason Blossom.

Jason was Cheryl's twin brother, with the two being the children of one of the town's most influential families, the Blossoms. There were a lot of clues and red herrings thrown throughout the season, leaving fans to guess exactly who terminated the high school student.

Some fans came up with a theory that Jason lost his life at the hands of his own parents, distraught with him because he fell in love with the daughter of one of their rivals.

In the end, it turns out that Jason was taken out by one of his parents, his father, Clifford Blossom.

7 The Flash: Ralph Dibney wasn’t really gone

This season of The Flash gave Barry Allen a villain, DeVoe, that literally absorbed metahumans and their powers. Once absorbed, those metahumans seemed ot be gone for good.

Then DeVoe absorbed Ralph Dibney, otherwise known as The Elongated Man. Barry blamed himself and mourned his friend.

Ralph was an integral part of the team at that point, so many fans refused to accept his passing and insisted that somehow he was still alive.

Those fans were right: when Barry went inside DeVoe's mind, he found Ralph there, the sole survivor, his consciousness somehow still intact. Barry figured out a way to defeat DeVoe and get Ralph back.

6 Supernatural: A Scooby Doo crossover episode would happen

Perhaps this was more wish-fulfillment than fan theory, but a lot of Supernatural fans insisted that the show should crossover with Scooby Doo.

It seemed like the most far-fetched idea in the world, but apparently someone at the head of the Supernatural production team thought it was so crazy that they thought, "Hey, why not?"

Fan theory and wish-fulfillment actually became a reality recently when the series figured out a way to take the Winchesters into the animated world of Scooby Doo. Aalthough it should not have worked, it was one of the best episodes of the season. Well done, fans, for insisting on something that seemed impossible at the time.

5 Vampire Diaries: Stefan losing his life in the finale

In the first episode of The Vampire Diaries, the world met Elena Gilbert for the first time; just a normal high school girl doing her normal high school things. T hen she met Stefan Salvatore and her whole world changed. She soon learned about a world that included things such as vampires, witches, ghosts and other things that go bump in the night.

Even though he was an integral part of the show, once the series came to a close after eight seasons, fans began to speculate that Stefan would lose his life. Although sad, it felt like a good way to mark his story.

In the end, those fans were right and Stefan lost his long life in the series finale.

4 Supergirl: Cat always knew that Kara was Supergirl

Supergirl features the classic superhero trope that although Kara and Supergirl look identical, no one seems to know that they're the same person unless she chooses to tell them. The only difference is that Kara wears glasses, so what gives? Why would someone as smart as Catco boss Cat Grant not recognize that they are the same person?

It never made sense, and so fans suggested that maybe Cat knew all along, but that she wanted to wait for Kara to tell her, because Cat was all about letting people come to their own decisions in their own time.

In the end, Cat knew all along. How could she not? And when will Lena figure it out?

3 Arrow: Adrian Chase is Prometheus

Adrian Chase helped Oliver Queen become mayor of the city on Arrow.

He was one of Oliver's friends, so no one really suspected that he could become a villain - except for some very dedicated fans.

When a new villain arrived on the scene in the city, some fans immediately started suggesting that this Prometheus, was actually Adrian Chase.

Sure, it seemed ludicrous at the time, but then little hints in the show led to the discovery that those fans were right: Adrian Chase was Prometheus. It was a nice twist on the series that not everyone saw coming, save for those few who did.

2 Supergirl: Mon-El traveled to the future

The season 2 finale of Supergirl had Kara's boyfriend, Mon-El, leaving the planet because he could no longer live there due to the air quality being poisoned for his kind. It was devastating for Kara.

He left on a spaceship, supposedly never to return to Kara and planet Earth, but a mysterious vortex sucked up his ship, leaving fans to wonder what happened to him.

Some fans theorized that the vortex was some kind of wormhole and that Mon-El ended up in the future.

When Mon-El returned in season 3, the show confirmed that theory: he had traveled to the future and started a life there with the Legion of Superheroes.

1 Jane the Virgin: Michael's alive

On Jane the Virgin, Michael Cordero was Jane's ex-boyfriend, a detective who often liked to cut corners if it got the job done. The two eventually become friends again, but then Michael gets shot. Although he seems to recover, he later supposedly perishes due to a complication with the wound he sustained.

Fans refused to believe that he was gone and began suggesting that he somehow was alive, in spite of evidence to the contrary.

They were right: Michael turned up again at the end of season four, surprising everyone but those fans who already knew better. The general theory is that his passing was faked, but fans might not know for sure until season five.


Did any of your fan theories about CW shows come true? Let us know in the comments!

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