The CW Fall 2009 TV Premiere Dates & Times

The CW Announced their 2009 Fall Schedule and it's actually pretty thin as far as shows go compared to other networks.  But they do have a few shows we do want to see:  Smallville and Supernatural.

The CW doesn't exactly fall into the category of power television with the likes of America's Next Top Model or 90210 and such fare, but they do have a couple of shows that Screen Rant readers appreciate. Yet I'm sure you'd like to know what they have in store for their viewing audiences for the upcoming 2009 Fall season.

Not being able to leave well enough alone after 90210, The CW is rebooting and premiering Melrose Place.

For Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill fans, be alert.  They've swapped time slots.

Vampire Diaries is a new show starting up and is the lead-in to Supernatural.  I'm going to have another article on Vampire Diaries coming up pretty soon, so stay tuned for that.

Smallville starts its slow ratings death when it starts up on Friday's.  (Do. Not. Get. Me. Started.)

There's a show not on the schedule that will start at a later date called Life UneXpected.

2009 Fall Schedule

Tuesday, Sept. 8

8 pm: 90210

9 pm: Melrose Place (new series)

Wednesday, Sept. 9

8 pm: America's Next Top Model (two-hour premiere)

Thursday, Sept. 10

8 pm: The Vampire Diaries (new series)

9 pm: Supernatural

Monday, Sept. 14

8 pm: One Tree Hill

9 pm: Gossip Girl

Wednesday, Sept. 16

9 pm: The Beautiful Life (new series)

Friday, Sept. 25

8 pm: Smallville

9 pm: Top Model "encores"

From the 8th to the 25th, Fridays will be used to replay Melrose Place, Vampire Diaries and The Beautiful Life.  That seems to say a lot for the slot.  And then they'll air Smallville in this same slot starting the 25th.

The way The CW is treating Smallville, I guess those contract negotiations with Welling may have only been for one additional year and if I didn't know any better, I'd say they aren't expecting it to go beyond next season.

Be sure to set your DVR's accordingly.  I am looking forward to Supernatural and I'm going to give Vampire Diaries a chance.  Not sure how much of one, but I will.  I swear, if they start this show and try to pack each character's history into the first 5 minutes of their appearance, I'm jumping ship!  To me that is a sign of insecure plot development.

Source: The CW

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