The CW Fall 2018 TV Series Trailers: Charmed & All American

The CW delivered its upfront presentation today and offered a first look at two of its upcoming new series for the fall 2018 season. Though the network has several new series headed its way,  like Roswell, New Mexico, In the Dark, and Legacies, only two of its new dramas received trailers deemed suitable for public consumption. Those are the reboot of Charmed and Taye Digg’s football drama All American. 

Though we can probably expect to see trailers for the series mentioned above soon enough, the network was spent most of its time at the upfronts tempting advertisers with the expansion of the Arrowverse into Gotham City, and the network’s expansion to include programming on Sunday nights. Given all of that activity surrounding exisitng shows, it’s really no wonder The CW only conjured up these two trailers. 

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But as far as what The CW has in store for the 2018-2019 season, these two series are a good example of the where the network is headed and where it’s already been. The reboot of Charmed has, like all reboots, not been without its vocal detractors, but this new version seems serviceable enough from the trailer. Whether or not that means fans will be ready to go along for the ride is another question entirely, as the desire for more Charmed seems born out of the need to make use of pre-existing IP rather than any real audience passion for the project. 

Take a look at the trailers below:

All American


All American on the other hand appears to be a strong contender for the increasingly rare CW drama about actual people — heightened though it may still be. This high school football drama looks like an amalgam of Beverly Hill 90210 and Friday Night Lights, which is a combination not many people would have predicted to see in the coming months. The network hasn’t had much luck as of late with its non-superhero dramas, with the likes of Valor, Life Sentence, Frequency, and No Tomorrow failing to make it past their first seasons. And with Jane the Virgin, iZombie, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on their way out, investing in a different kind of drama is definitely in the networks’ best interests. 

With those brief looks taken care of, we’ll keep an eye out for other trailers as well. Check back to see if The CW deems its other new series worthy of a trailer. 

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Source: The CW

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