CW Head Hints At 'Biggest' Four-Way DC TV Crossover Event

CW president Mark Pedowitz teases a massive DC Comics TV crossover event with Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow.

Supergirl Producer Talks DC TV Extended Universe Arrow Flash

The CW launched their DC Comics shared universe with Arrow, followed by The Flash, and more recently the spinoff Legends of Tomorrow. Now, Supergirl, which originally launched on CBS, will be moving to The CW for its second season. Since Supergirl was co-created by Greg Berlanti, the producer behind CW's DC TV universe, it seemed only a matter of time before the show would feature a crossover with Arrow, The Flash, and/or Legends; that crossover arrived late in Supergirl's first season when Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) met Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist).

Of course, now that Supergirl is on The CW, many have wondered whether the Girl of Steel will be featured in the network's annual DC Comics crossover event. Now, CW head Mark Pedowitz has confirmed the network's next crossover event will feature heroes from all four comic book series.

Variety is reporting Pedowitz spoke on conference call about the massive crossover between of the network's now-four DC Comics television series, saying, "our annual crossover event this fall [will] be the biggest one ever." As with previous crossovers between The CW's superhero dramas, the event including Arrow, The Flash, Legends, and Supergirl will arrive in December.

CW Wants Supergirl Arrow Flash Crossover

Of course, The CW's previous crossovers have generated plenty of fan interest and praise, spanning from the first between Arrow and The Flash in 2014 to the most recent, the event episode in Supergirl's first season, titled 'Worlds Finest,' that brought Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) from his own Earth to the world inhabited by Kara - which exists within a multiverse the DC Comics television universe. Certainly, a crossover that brings all the heroes together from The CW's four superhero shows will be the biggest yet, as Pedowitz teased.

But, as has been the case with the previous crossovers, the episode may not be the best of shows' seasons. Additionally, it's unclear, since the crossover is still very much in the early stages, whether the event will take place across all four series or be focused in on one or two series, with characters from the remaining shows appearing (or whether there will be a musical element involved). That being said, though, a crossover between Arrow, The Flash, Legends, and Supergirl has been a desire of fans, producers, and stars for some time now and it will surely generate excitement from everyone involved.

Additionally, The CW's massive DC Comics crossover is unique to the television shared universe. Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe spans the films and TV shows across ABC and Netflix, there is a disconnection between the movies and TV divisions that can be felt by fans. Rather, The CW's universe will pull together all its major heroes for a crossover event unlike any other expected to air on television in the coming season.

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Supergirl returns for season 2 in the fall on The CW. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW, Arrow in the same timeslot on Wednesdays, and Legends of Tomorrow on Thursdays.

Source: Variety

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