The CW's Charmed TV Show Reboot Casts Melonie Diaz as Mel

Melonie Diaz has been cast as Mel in The CW's Charmed reboot. It has been a year since The CW announced that it was making a reboot of the series Charmed, though the pilot only recently was greenlit. Not connected to the original series, Charmed is about three sisters who share the same initials and a recently discovered legacy of witchcraft.

Writers Jessica O'Toole, Amy Rardin, and Jennie Urman have promised that the new series is "fierce, funny, and feminist," with a college town setting and a story revolving around smashing the patriarchy. Aside from the three sisters, the show is also looking to cast love interests for all of them, as well as their guardian angel. Each role is open to actors of any ethnicity. The only casting announcement so far has been of Jumanji's Ser'Darius Blain as Galvin, an aspiring documentary filmmaker and boyfriend of Macy's, one of the sisters. And now one of the sisters has been found.


Variety reports that Melonie Diaz has been cast in the role of Mel, a feminist with the power to freeze time and who has a history of being violent and controlling. Mel is also a lesbian who is in a relationship with Detective Soo Jin.

Diaz has been acting in film and television for the last two decades. She is known for her roles in The Lords of Dogtown, Hamlet 2, Fruitvale Stationand The Belko Experiment. She has several films scheduled for release this year - Gringo, All About Nina, and The First Purge.

Since Diaz is of Puerto Rican descent, it's possible that all three of the Pruitt sisters will be of similar ethnicity. However, that may not be the case. So far, there is no confirmation that Macy is actually the biological sister of Mel and Madison. And since each casting notice is open to all ethnicities, it's possible that the three witches might not be sisters at all but connected in another, more magical way. They might also be foster or adoptive siblings... or half-sisters.

With the casting of Diaz coming so quickly after Blain's casting was announced, it looks like the pilot is moving forward rather quickly. It's likely the the casting of the other main characters will be announced very soon. There is no scheduled air date for the show at this time, but if things keep moving this fast, it's possible that Charmed fans could be watching the series very soon.


Source: Variety

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