CW Developing Horror Anthology Series Written & Directed by Women

Drew Barrymore in Scream

The CW is developing a new horror anthology series titled Black Rose Anthology written and directed entirely by women. The scary new series will be produced by Drew Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen’s Flower Films and executive produced by Jill Blotevogel from MTV’s Scream, Jamie Denenberg and Kevin Abrams from Alpine Labs and CBS TV Studios.

Similar to other horror anthology series like FX and Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story, Syfy's terrifying series Channel Zero and Amazon's new series Lore, Black Rose Anthology will join that ranks and follow the trend of horror-centric programing in an anthology format and will be the first anthology series for The CW.

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According to Deadline, what makes Black Rose different though is that it will be entirely directed and written by women. The pilot episode will be written by Blotevogel and, "will explore some of humanity’s deepest fears from a woman’s unique perspective. Classic themes of terror will be tackled via vignettes about guilt, jealousy, repression, paranoia, insanity, sexual obsession and survival through a modern and distinctly feminine lens."

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The series sounds like it's going to be fantastic exploring different facets of horror from the female perspective. Other films and TV series that have focused on female driven horror like Black Swan (2010) and certain seasons of American Horror Story - which featured actresses like Sarah Paulson, Jessica Lange and Lady Gaga in lead roles - have already placed women center stage in the midst of insanity and gore, but the addition of women directors and writers also adds a level of depth to Black Rose that should make the series more relatable to women.

This is also a big move for horror considering the genre has been mostly dominated by male directors and writers throughout history like Alfred Hitchcock, Wes Craven, Roman Polanski and James Wan. While the first female-directed horror/noir film is considered to be The Hitch-Hiker (1953) by Ida Lupino, it's only been recently that women have been making strides in the modern horror genre with films like the guilty pleasure horror flick Jennifer's Body (2016) directed by Karyn Kusama, the terrifying film The Babadook (2014) directed an written by Jennifer Kent, the absolutely stomach-turning Raw (2016) directed and written by Julia Ducournau and even an entry into the A Nightmare on Elm Street series entry Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991) directed by Rachel Talalay.

Considering The CW is known for being at the forefront of female-centric programming in all genres like The Vampire Diaries, Supergirl, The 100, Jane the Virgin, Riverdale, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, with new series Dynasty premiering this fall and an adaptation based on Lesley Livingston’s novel The Valiant in the works, Black Rose will fit right at home.

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Source: Deadline

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