15 Behind-The-Scenes Feuds CW Doesn’t Want Fans To Remember

Casting a TV show is all about balance. The cast has to have chemistry. The actors have to look just right for the part. Oh, and the actors have to be talented enough to carry the role, too. This is true of every show.

However, for the teen drama ensembles that make up the majority of The CW network's programming, finding the right dreamy cast of attractive men and women is of the utmost importance.

Unfortunately, sometimes finding that special cast that really makes the characters come alive makes for some real drama behind-the-scenes.Sometimes the actors who are perfect for the part aren't actually perfect for each other.

So, while the characters are hot and heavy or the very best of friends onscreen, the people who play them could be catfighting on the daily when the cameras aren't rolling.

This only gets worse when young, relatively unknown actors are then propelled to superstardom by The CW network.

From Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray's disastrously short-lived marriage on the One Tree Hill set to the alleged bickering and jealousy constantly present between basically the entire cast of Gossip Girl, here are the 15 Behind-The-Scenes Feuds CW Doesn’t Want Fans To Remember.

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Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa in Riverdale
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15 When Cole Sprouse Went After The Network After KJ Apa Crashed His Car

Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa in Riverdale

The Riverdale cast is tight. These guys are the best of friends and always look out for each other. So, when Archie Andrews actor, KJ Apa, crashed his car on the way home from a long workday last year, co-star Cole Sprouse had a few words for The CW.

Apa had been on the Vancouver-based set for an exhausting 16-hour day and lost control of his vehicle on his way back to his hotel.

The passenger side of the vehicle was totaled and the car was rendered inoperable after Apa ran into a light pole. Thankfully, Apa was not seriously injured in the incident.

The cast rallied around their castmate after his dangerous scare, but it was Sprouse, in particular, who really let the studio have a piece of his mind.

Sprouse blamed The CW for putting Apa's life on the line. The actor petitioned the studio, asking that drivers be provided for the cast, particularly on long workdays.

Fellow The CW alums, such as Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum of Smallville fame, did the very same thing when they were working on their teen comic book series.

The WBTV's policy at the time was for actors to provide their own transportation when performing on location.

14 When Alyssa Milano And Shannen Doherty Disliked Each Other On The Charmed Set

Gossip and rumors of on-set feuds follow Shannen Doherty basically everywhere she goes. The actress isn't well-known for her bubbly personality and easygoing nature, to say the least.

Prue Halliwell seemed to have a lot of story left to tell when she was bumped off in Charmed Season 3.

She was learning to embrace her status as a Charmed One, she was discovering new abilities and constantly becoming more powerful, and she had finally found her calling as a professional photographer... but on-sets feuds don't care about character development, it seems.

When Doherty was written off the show, she made thinly veiled references to drama between herself and co-star Alyssa Milano.

Doherty had said that she would always miss Piper Halliwell actress Holly Marie Combs, expressing her love for her friend and former castmate. However, Doherty did not even bother to acknowledge Milano, who played Phoebe Halliwell on the show.

Milano herself had compared the working environment to high school-- a sentiment that Combs directly refuted.

Years later, Milano openly admitted that the two actresses had not gotten along on set, but that they had eventually reconciled over Twitter.

Milano said that the ladies had simply outgrown the drama and whatever happened was in the past.

13 When The Arrow Got Mad That The Flash Was Recast In The DCU

Arrow The Flash

Everyone loves Grant Gustin as the Flash. He's geeky, he's smart, and he's charming. He lights up his superhero show and created a gathering of dedicated fans who hoped to see Gustin slip into the Scarlet Speedster's red jumpsuit for years to come.

One of those fans is fellow Arrowverse actor Stephen Amell. Not only did Amell think Gustin was perfect for the part, but he also believed the actor would be right at home in the DCU's Justice League and upcoming Flash movie.

However, he was very unhappy when that didn't come to pass.

Amell wasn't upset that the Flash announcement meant that a new Oliver Queen was likely on the horizon. He was all for it, in fact.

However, he believed his good friend had done such an iconic job as Barry Allen that he deserved to be in the DCU. Or, at the very least, that the announcements could have been handled with more tact.

Amell felt that there had not been given enough time between the highly rated debut of The Flash and the announcement that Ezra Miller would be taking on the movie role.

The Arrow actor had hoped that more respect would have been shown to Gustin after his incredible TV success.

12 When The Entire Supergirl Crew Got Their Showrunner Fired For Harassment

Hollywood is basically done with abusers and harassers. Violent people in power are being kicked out in droves. This trend started with the movie industry, specifically.

Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey were among the first to fall from grace. However, it didn't take long for TV showrunners to oust problematic actors from their ranks.

Soon, Jeffrey Tambor, Louis CK, Danny Masterson, and Kevin Spacey (again) were dropped from their shows. Actors weren't the only alleged abusers held to court, however. Plenty of badly behaved behind-the-scenes crew members were ousted, as well.

Kara Zor-El actress Melissa Benoist has always prided Supergirl on having an inclusive and progressive atmosphere. She applauded the entire cast and crew, men and women alike, for their efforts in providing a safe working environment on-set.

One of those efforts was to remove former Arrowverse showrunner Andrew Kreisberg from his position of power.

Multiple crew members came forward to say that Kreisberg's behavior on set was inappropriate, paving the way for his removal.

The accusations lobbied against Kreisberg were investigated by The CW.

The findings of that investigation quickly resulted in the showrunner losing his position on the Arrowverse shows, along with his overall deal for the network.

11 When Rumors Said There Was A Love Triangle On The Vampire Diaries Set

Ian Somerhalder Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev

The CW fans love to ship their favorite characters. They love to ship their favorite actors, too.

So, when rumors first arose of an on-set feud between The Vampire Diaries co-stars, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev were squabbling over their breakup and his subsequent relationship with Nikki Reed, nobody was willing to believe anything other than a vicious love triangle was taking place at the network.

Many reports speculated that Dobrev had left the series because of the breakup. Reports of backstabbing and infidelity were also swirling around the three actors at the time.

The trio kept quiet for years, refusing to acknowledge the speculation. They believed a response would give these reports a sort of validity that they didn't deserve.

Unfortunately, that silence only added more fuel to the fire and led some media outlets to speculate even more about what was going on on the Vampire Diaries set.

Last year, the three friends finally addressed the rumors through a series of posts and selfies.

They assured their fans that everything was just fine between the three of them and that the departure rumors had no real truth to them.

Reed expressed her opinion that the coverage of her relationship cast a bad light and a bad example for young female fans.

10 When The Anger Between Xander And Angel Was Very Real On The Buffy Set

Much of the time, when two characters absolutely despise each other, the actors behind them are the best of friends in real life.

This is very much the case with the dangerous Negan and the noble Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Andrew Lincoln have always been quite vocal about their love and respect for each other.

However, sometimes, actors draw on their mutual dislike for one another to create the tense scenes their characters engage in onscreen. Buffy the Vampire Slayer actors David Boreanaz and Nicholas Brendon certainly didn't need to pretend to dislike each other during their squabbles as Angel and Xander Harris.

The two frequently showed jealousy and possessiveness over Buffy, as Angel dated the Slayer and Xander held an unrequited crush.

During the highly anticipated Buffy reunion last year, rumors began to fly that Boreanaz did not want Harris to be present for the reunion photo shoot.

Reports claimed that Boreanaz had attempted to get a later call time for Harris so that the two actors would not be photographed at the same time.

During a press conference, Harris later confirmed that Boreanaz had not wanted him to take part in the reunion and said that he did not know why his former castmate held so much disdain for him.

9 When Jessica Biel Got Tired Of The Hypocrisy On The 7th Heaven Set

Jessica Biel in 7th Heaven

The set of the family-friendly, pseudo-religious series 7th Heaven was... kind of a giant mess. The young actors were expected to maintain a squeaky clean facade, much like the beleaguered stars of Disney and Nickelodeon shows.

Of course, these kids were only human, and as they got older, they began to experiment with more adult projects. Unfortunately for Jessica Biel, it was this type of work that got her in hot water with the network and her co-stars.

Biel revealed that she was constantly apologizing for her behavior to the producers of the show. She cut her hair and dyed it blonde, which upset creator Aaron Spelling.

She was held accountable for the behavior of others, too. When a friend sarcastically sent an adult dancer to the straight-laced set, Biel was held responsible.

However, it was Biel's racy photo shoot for Gear magazine that eventually led to the actress being written off the show.

Biel was 17 years old when she posed for the photos, which led co-star Stephen Collins to compare the shoot to inappropriate child content... which is horribly ironic given that Collins was later accused of, and allegedly confessed to, assaulting young girls.

8 When The Entire 90210 Reboot Cast Disliked Each Other

The original cast of Beverly Hills 90210 on Fox is infamous for their feuds and catfights. However, they aren't the only ones.

When The CW rebooted the series in 2008, the new cast was every bit as hostile toward each other.

Original 90210 actress Jenny Garth reprised her role of Kelly Taylor for the reboot. However, just a year after the series ended, she had plenty to say about the newcomers.

Garth told podcaster Jenny Hutt that that none of the new cast had any actual chemistry with each other and compared a good cast to "lightning in a bottle," something that she apparently believed the reboot failed to capture.

Garth wasn't just being harsh, however. Former co-star AnnaLynne McCord revealed that she and Shenae Grimes had been "at each other's throats" throughout the entire five years they were on the show together.

McCord said it was actually Grimes who had extended the first olive branch when the series was set to wrap. Grimes called her frenemy and asked if the ladies could repair their relationship, to which McCord agreed.

She was later invited to Grimes' wedding and claimed that the two had become close friends without the stress of the series weighing them down.

7 When The Original Charmed Actresses Slammed The Upcoming Reboot

The original ladies behind Charmed may not have always liked each other, but when they were completely written out of the upcoming reboot, they made sure to let The CW have a piece of their minds.

The reboot had been in the works for quite some time, going through multiple iterations and constantly being tabled by the network.

However, that didn't stop Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan from airing their displeasure over the idea way back in 2013.

At the time, the Phoebe Halliwell and Paige Matthews actresses indicated that Hollywood was becoming far too derivative and was remaking the series far too soon.

However, it was Piper Halliwell actress, Holly Marie Combs, who really let loose once the reboot was officially set in stone earlier this year.

Combs blasted the execs involved with the reboot, accusing them of attempting to make money on the backs of the original actresses. She claimed that the original series producer, Brad Kern, had asked her and her castmates to rewrite scripts on a frequent basis.

Because of that "hard work" Combs claimed the series belonged to "the four of us" and warned the network that giving the series the same title was not going to convince fans that it was just as good as the original show.

6 When The Gossip Girl Cast Fought Over Who Was More Popular

Gossip Girl Cast and Logo

Gossip Girl was all about feuds, scandals, and out of control egos. So, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that some of that might have rubbed on off the show's ensemble cast.

Reports claimed that this cast argued with each other on the regular. Also, as the rumors would have us believe, much of this animosity was fueled by pure jealousy.

An anonymous source claimed that Leighton Meester, who played Blair Waldorf, and Taylor Momsen, who played Jenny Humphrey, were on very unfriendly terms behind-the-scenes.

According to this source, the two castmates would argue over their musical careers. Momsen allegedly belittled Meester for her pop music, believing her rock band gave her an edge over her co-star.

The men of the series were rumored to be just as petty. Ed Westwick, who portrayed Chuck Bass on the show, and Nate Archibald actor Chace Crawford were actually close friends and lived as roommates with each other at one point in time.

Yet, the source said even they had also squabbled over fame from time to time.

The reports claimed that Westwick would insult Crawford to make himself feel that he was just as successful and handsome as his castmate.

5 When Kat Graham Couldn't Stand Ian Somerhalder On The Vampire Diaries

Not every cast member of a huge ensemble show is going to get along. That's just a fact. However, hopefully, with time, co-stars can find a way to put aside their differences and be friends.

Sometimes that happens after a series wraps, perhaps decades later when the actors are older and wiser. Sometimes it takes a few years but the co-stars are able to finally see eye to eye before their time working together on a daily basis has ended.

Other times, if they're really lucky and work hard to overcome their differences, two actors who utterly hated each other can become fast friends after being at each other's throats throughout the first season.

That seems to have been the case for The Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder.

Graham admitted that she and Somerhalder had strongly disliked each other when they first met.

That animosity continued throughout the first season of the vampire drama. While she revealed that the two had wanted to hurt each other, she didn't actually blame Somerhalder for their initial hatred.

Graham said that she had been very young, and that they both had been very strong-willed.

Over time, and with more scenes together, the actress came to count her co-star as one of her closest friends.

4 When One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush And Chad Michael Murray Had A Bad Breakup

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray as Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill's Sophia Bush played Brooke Davis on the hit CW show. Her ex-husband, Chad Michael Murray, played Lucas Scott.

Brooke and Lucas were good friends, who later began a passionate relationship. However, their epic love story eventually ended due to Lucas' infidelity and love for another woman wore away at their relationship.

Despite all that drama, Brooke and Lucas lasted way longer than Bush and Murray ever did.

The two co-stars married in 2005... only to divorce five months later. Bush initially tried to have the marriage annulled, claiming fraud, but was denied.

Murray had been accused of being unfaithful to Bush with his House of Wax co-star, Paris Hilton. Ten years later, Bush showed her support for Hillary Clinton... which led to people on Twitter claiming that that was the reason why Murray had allegedly been unfaithful, because that's what Twitter does.

Bush went off on the troll, saying that they must equate all women to their "f***boy partners' actions." She clearly held little regard for her ex-husband even a decade after their divorce.

That must have made things super awkward for the co-stars, who continued to film One Tree Hill together for four years after their messy breakup.

3 When Margot Kidder Refused To Play Along With Smallville

Tom Welling Christopher Reeve Margot Kidder and Annette O'Toole in Smallville

Margot Kidder first put Lois Lane on the Hollywood map. The actress played Clark Kent's co-worker and girlfriend in several Superman movies.

Through her time with the franchise, Kidder became quite close with her co-star, Superman actor Christopher Reeve. While she admitted that the two bickered a lot, she compared their relationship to a brother and sister sort of love.

The actress claimed that they only fought because they were so close and loved each other so much.

Reeve played the brilliant scientist, Virgil Swann, on The CW's Smallville until his untimely passing in 2004. To explain the character's absence, Kidder was brought in as a replacement.

Her character, Bridgette Crosby, was supposed to have had an intimate relationship with Swann, and Kidder was supposed to announce Swann's passing away.

While she did initially allow for the possibility that the network simply didn't see things her way, Kidder felt this was tacky and disrespectful toward her actual friend's passing.

The actress eventually ended up accusing the network of being "exploitative" and ended up leaving the show soon after she first appeared.

She did, however, joke that she may have been willing to be exploitative had she been offered much more money for the part.

2 When Blake Lively And Leighton Meester Weren't Actually Friends On Gossip Girl

Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen were the very best of friends on Gossip Girl. They loved and supported each other through thick and thin.

Of course, it isn't realistic to hold real people to the same standards as two fictional characters whose words and actions are created by professional writers. However, we can at least expect that the two onscreen besties are sort of friends in real life, right?

Well, apparently not, because reports made it seem as though Leighton Meester and Blake Lively were not at all close in reality.

Executive producer Joshua Safran straight out said that the two actresses were not friends outside of their characters. However, that doesn't necessarily mean the two ladies were constantly at odds, either.

He did say that they were friendly, they weren't catfighting all the time, but they didn't hang out offset either.

However, an anonymous source claimed that the two co-stars eventually became tense around each other when Meester's pop music career began to gain some traction.

The source claimed that Lively had become uncomfortable with the attention that her castmate was receiving and that she would attempt to avoid talking about her co-stars when asked about them during interviews.

1 When The One Tree Hill Cast Accused The Show's Creator Of Harassment

Hilarie Burton said that she had to fight with One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn over what she considered the over-objectification of her character, Peyton Sawyer.

This was just a small sign of Schwahn's behavior on set. His treatment of the real actors who played the show's character was far, far worse.

Unfortunately for the cast, the women who were  targeted by Schwahn initially wrote off his behavior as social awkwardness. This only gave him the opportunity to worsen his advances and to create doubt and a misplaced sense of trust.

According to multiple actors in the cast, the director became extremely inappropriate by the time season 3 rolled around.

The actors accused Schwahn of forced physical contact, inapropriate jokes, and spreading malicious rumors about the women on the cast. Burton claimed that Schwahn would make up romantic relationships between himself and the ladies on the cast, and would then use those lies to turn the castmates against each other.

Schwahn was suspended for his behavior on the set. Burton said that the women of the set were angry over the way they had been treated, and that that anger had not subsided even after Schwahn had been removed from the show.


Can you think of any other CW feuds that happened behind the scenes? Sound off in the comments!

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